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Internet Marketing Professional. Freelance.

We are seeking an experienced Freelance – Internet Marketing Guru to join our company. Person must be experienced in writing interactive media plans and placing media online.

Desired Experience:

  • Person must be able to write interactive media plans and make recommendations based on research and target audience.
  • Individual must have experience negotiating media buys and in monitoring and optimizing campaigns to improve ROI.
  • Must be able to oversee and manage entire interactive media campaign.
  • Experience in providing on-going reports and tracking of digital campaigns.
  • Individual must have established relationships with on-line publishers and must be abreast of current market trends.
  • Proficiency in developing on-line marketing strategy based on competitor analysis.
  • Must be able to use non-traditional marketing techniques such as viral marketing, blogs, social networking and mobile.


  • Minimum 2 years experience as an interactive Media planner/buyer.
  • Strong negotiation skills and understanding of online advertising.
  • Must possess excellent writing skills.
  • Must be self-sufficient and possess good communication/presentation skills.
  • Proficiency in Internet tracking tools.
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