Interface Designer

What does an interface designer do? Is it just a variation of a title for a web designer or is it a new term altogether?

The word interface is defined as “the common boundary of two bodies,” or as “communication or interaction.” Designer of course is a person who creates or executes designs such as structures of works of art. So in essence an interface designer is responsible for creating the design for the interaction between two bodies. From a web design or application design aspect, that simply means creating something that people enjoying using because it has visual appeal along with functionality.

At Lounge Lizard, that is exactly what we do with our applications and sites; create a great user interface.

Why is interface design important? The basic premise is that people don’t like taking a long time to learn how to navigate a website or use an application. It’s not only about making something visually impressive or appealing, but it is also a matter of making something that has been built intuitively so that people can easily understand and utilize it. Applications that are created with a good purpose, have visual appeal, and have an intuitive design are instantly appreciated as are websites.

Sadly, a lot of companies still overlook the importance of the interface. They don’t employ people in the role of interface designer because they are focused only on functionality and information. These people lack the understanding that a well designed interface is an extension of your brand and speaks volumes about your company. In some cases, a great design can become a brand in itself.

At Lounge Lizard we have been in the design game for over a decade and have long understood the importance of interface design in everything that we do. We are an award winning Design Company because of that focus; combining a sleek, stunning look with incredible functionality. Our skilled designers and a full-time staff of experienced application developers are always up to the task of ensuring that we can create anything you want; if it is possible, we can make it.

With offices in New York City, Long Island, and now Los Angeles, we are taking our own brand across the U.S. and would be glad to do the same for yours. We look to bring an organizations vision to life. Our company can handle complex requests for cutting-edge application development, specialized and unique web design, create web marketing campaigns, design custom e-commerce solutions, and so much more. We do all of this with an eye for interface design to ensure that your target customers get the most out of their experience.

Lounge Lizard understands that it is about getting to know each client and understanding their individual needs. There is no, “one size fits all,” with us. We then put ourselves in the user’s shoes. Along with our creativity and years of experience, part of being a good interface designer is getting on the other side of the screen. Then we make sure to plan ahead. This allows us to anticipate problems, look at future expansion, and have everything in place based on what you need now and what you might want in the future. Intrigued? Let us show you what we can do to help you and your brand.