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Inspirational Quotes Help Build Cheery, an APP that Promotes Positivity

One of the best things to come out of social media has been the sharing of inspiration quotes between friends and family. The right words at the right time, a special photo added to someone’s wall when they are down, or even sharing words of wisdom in a tweet have the ability to profoundly change a person’s day. Of course in many cases the good comes with the bad; unless of course those inspirational quotes are on Cheery, an APP that promotes positivity.

When Facebook first started up it was created out of a need to impress that honed in on a generations’ need to be more connected with each other. Over the years other social networks have been built, each with different primary goals such as connecting professionals, a place to share recipes or crafts and platforms to foster discussions.

However, no matter what the primary reason for their creation, which has almost always been for a positive purpose, each platform has fallen victim to the same problem; negativity.

Negativity and Social Media

Over 75 percent of online adults use some form of a social media site. The problem lies not in the number of people on the sites, but the perceived ability to act anonymously from a distance which then changes how they behave compared to how they would act in a face-to-face environment.

The psychology community has recently become more vocal about the impersonal interactions on the various platforms and how distancing affects people’s actions, interactions and reactions. In many instances these negative actions from social media can affect a person’s mental health.

Rather than spending too much time within an environment with negative connotations, the makers of Cheery are hoping to spread positivity with a social network geared exclusively towards building people up and inspiring them rather than allowing people to try and tear them down.

The Power of Positivity

The idea behind Cheery is to help solve the problem of negativity that has arisen on almost all of our social networks. The ‘haters’, the ‘troll’ and ‘the bully’ have all taken root within too many forums bringing their negativity and pessimism where it doesn’t need to be which adversely affects all of us.

How many times have you followed a discussion thread only to sift through comment after comment that is negative or directly mean to another user?

It has been proven that a negative attitude shortens your life, harms those around you and produces negative effects. Rather than subscribing to the norm, Cheery has a goal of using inspirational quotes and powerful images to help members lift each other up to face the challenges of each day. Negativity and bad posts are frowned upon (with a positive face) and are removed to help keep the community a positive, happy place.

Since the initial launch the outpouring of positivity has been amazing. A picture of a beautiful morning sunrise along with the caption, “Enjoy the beautiful day!!!” was appreciated by dozens of people, bring positivity to their day. “Love yourself. Without your flaws, you wouldn’t be you,” was another popular inspirational quote people found wisdom in.

Quotes such as these can help anyone have a better day through the power of positivity, which is brought to full light within this very positive community that is being built one user at a time. Rather than letting life get you down, it’s time to Be Cheery. A positive outlook on life is much better than a negative one and has been proven time and time again to lead towards happiness.

While inspiration quotes help build Cheery, the app that promotes positivity, it is the users within this new encouraging social network that will truly help it grow into a phenomenon where people focus on sharing what’s good in their life and leave all the negativity behind where it belongs.

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