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Insider Tips For Using Facebook Live

For people in social media marketing, understanding Facebook Live could be the difference in your next campaign’s success. Top web development companies everywhere are leaping at the opportunity these real-time videos offer because of how effective and influential they can be. Today we wanted to provide our insider tips for using Facebook Live so that you too can benefit from this new feature from the social media behemoth.

Even if you don’t plan on using it now, understanding how it works is important if you are involved in social media marketing because this new type of live streaming is a growing trend in the industry.

The Basics

From a simplistic standpoint Facebook Live is just another feature of the popular platform. On the mobile app when you click on your status bar like you would for any type of post there is an option called “Go Live”. You simply tap the icon to start a live broadcast from your mobile device. There are a couple quick steps to jump through for your first time such as allowing Facebook access to your camera/microphone and selecting privacy settings.

People who are actively following you can then “tune in” to your broadcast. Depending on your privacy setting, Facebook will send notifications and invites to the people you want to watch. When you are done you tap “finish” and the video posts to your timeline. Worth noting, currently you can record up to 30 minutes.

This feature is similar to other live streaming options already on the web but has the added bonus of being integrated into the largest social media site along with a much easier way to store and retrieve the video.

Why use Facebook Live?

Live-stream is becoming very popular. We covered this topic a while back and here are some of the highlights of that article:

  • On average people spend 3x the amount of time watching live videos compared to pre-recorded
  • Less than 50% of businesses are using this media option
  • They are great for things like Q&A Sessions, How to Videos with live Tweet questions, Interviews, Product Launches complete with demonstrations, or even showing product creation

The key concept for live-streaming from a marketing perspective is that you are creating an event that anyone, anywhere, can be a part of. That moment is unique and special. People don’t have to be limited by physical distance boundaries because they can join in live and “feel” like they are part of something special or exclusive which forges a solid connection with that customer or consumer.

Insider Tips for Facebook Live

Are you ready to get started? Before your first video launch here are some key points to consider:

  • Pre-promote – Just like any good campaign, it pays to do some preparation rather than going in cold. If you are planning special events promote them ahead of time on Facebook as well as your website and anywhere else your target users will be. Email campaigns, blogs and news feed posts are all good ideas to help promote the upcoming event if you truly want it to be an event.
  • Consider the Interactivity – One of the best aspects of Live Streaming is the ability to interact with your audience. Consider how any live event could be made better with options like using Twitter for people to ask questions. Interactive segments increase engagement as a whole because they end up being more personal. Having a second or third person available to read or respond is a good idea.
  • Check camera views – While we aren’t all professionals, most of us understand the importance of a good camera shot versus a bad one. Using a good stand that limits movement from wind, floor vibrations and anything else is advised. Do a few offline test videos to ensure you have the right angle and that the video will encompass everything you want. You don’t want to realize after the fact that your video focused on your shoulder the entire time.
  • Consider all visuals – Aside from the camera view there are a lot of other visual aspects of a video presentation. What does the background look like? How do you or anyone else appear? Considering your wardrobe, hair, makeup, background views and anything else people can see is important depending on the level of professionalism your want to portray.
  • Run a Test – There is a simple option called “Only Me” under privacy settings to allow you to practice which is highly recommended.
  • Write a Great Description – What shows up in a visitor’s feed is your description as a status update above the video. Don’t expect people to watch just because it is in the feed. Use strong headline writing skills to make it interesting, compelling or attention getting.
  • Introduce Yourself Regularly – Live streaming can be a bit like turning on a news channel mid-report. You should always introduce yourself at the start and occasionally remember to re-introduce yourself and what you are doing or talking about for “people who just tuned in”. Also don’t forget to say goodbye and thank them for watching!
  • Be Visually Engaging – Most people have sound off so you need to capture their attention visually when they first decide to tune in or pay attention.
  • Add CTAs – Calls to action are a key aspect of marketing so you need to include them! Ask people to like or share the video at the end of the broadcast as well.
  • Save the Video – You can save your video on your device separate from Facebook which is useful if you want to utilize it later.
  • Analyze the Results – As with any other form of marketing, you need to put your time in with analytics to see how well your campaign went. Facebook has a handful of useful metrics you can look at to help decide where improvement might occur.

The bottom line is that Facebook Live is an excellent option for live streaming and live streaming is a growing form of marketing that you should consider using. Our insider tips for using Facebook Live offer some great ideas to help you get started so you too can be a live streaming star.

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