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Insider Tips For Getting More Mobile App Downloads

After you launch a mobile app what is the one thing that everyone wants to get? If you answered downloads, then you my friend are a smart person which is why we are glad to share our insider tips for getting more app downloads to help you get you where you want to be!

Just because you spent hours in the conceptualization, weeks in development and testing and have released what should be the next big thing, simply releasing it out into the wilds of an App Store does not guarantee success.

It can be a bitter pill to swallow as some days the most mundane and idiotic apps rack up a million downloads in a week while your amazing app sits at a grand total of 3957. Really? 3957?

So…what should you do?

Top Insider Tips for app downloads

Here are some of the best strategies that can and should be applied to help kickstart those downloads and keep them going:

  • What’s your name? – We have said it before; choose your app name carefully! You need specific words in the name that disclose the purpose of your app. In fact, a shorter name is not better because it is less descriptive. If your name is not cutting it then you might need to make a strategic adjustment.
  • Got keywords? – Keywords are the way that most people will find your app when in any of the app stores. Yes, if you have tons of downloads you might make it to the featured apps page, but until then you need to focus on having the right keywords. Insider tip, both Apple and Google sometimes delete keywords so you need to check up on your baby periodically. Also research keywords to use as many relevant ones as you can and look for ones with less search margins for faster growth.
  • Understand categories – In the Apple App Store games are the most popular app category and are the largest share of the featured items category. Over at Google personalization apps are the most popular. In an ideal world you knew this before you accidentally made a personalization app for the iOS. Make sure you research categories to understand which app works better in which store and then take advantage of it.
  • Pay close attention to pricing – Fun fact; apps that debut and then are discounted show a huge spike in downloads. That means if you started at $3.99 and are slowly going nowhere slashing your price to $1.99 and possibly to $0.99 a few months later, it could make a huge difference in long-term profitability.
  • Alternative App stores – There are other app stores in the world and we don’t just mean for Blackberry or Windows apps. Certain markets like China have app stores that offer a less crowded marketplace to showcase your wares and for quite a large audience. A savvy seller places his or her wares wherever customers are.
  • Don’t stop promoting – Seriously…do…not…stop. Post frequent updates on social media. Share new content and reviews. Discuss new versions and ideas on blogs. You need to engage current fans and create interest with new users.
  • Offer a contest via the app – This is a fun way to take a tried and true method and apply it to current technology. By running a special contest via the app, which can be promoted on your website, via email and on social media, you can inspire downloads from people who just want to win a great prize.
  • Spend money on advertising – Even if your budget is small, you should try to find some level of app advertising as it can be very effective. Remember, your goal is to keep those downloads coming in which adds more relevance in the stores and makes you noticeable which then creates a snowball effect. You need to spend money to make money.
  • Get some quality reviews – A great review from a respected tech website or blog can go a long way towards credibility. Find sites that regularly do app reviews and make sure to submit yours to any and all of them.
  • Check the analytics – Taking advantage of analytics to focus on user retention tactics should always be done for any app after launch as you can find out what you are doing right (and wrong) when it comes to the user experience. This allows each new version, or any other apps you might develop, to better meet the specific needs of the current audience.

The bottom line is that consumers can be a fickle bunch so you need to do whatever you can to make sure your app stays in the forefront rather than fading into the background. These insider tips for getting more app downloads will certainly help your numbers go up after your initial peak, but only if you are willing to put the proper amount of time and effort into it.

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