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How Will The Google AdWords Changes Affect You?

Finally Google is taking the time to overhaul the very outdated AdWords platform, but that might make you wonder, how will the Google AdWords changes affect you?

It has been almost a decade since Google has done anything productively new with this platform, the obviously the overhaul is necessary. However as with everything Google does, it impacts a lot of people from consumers to businesses. Today we will go over what you can expect to see and how it may impact you.

If it ain’t broke…

It’s not that anything was broken with AdWords that prompted the change; instead being outdated was the primary culprit for the overhaul. Well that and a desire for more bags full of cash for Google as the AdWords program tends to rake in a lot of bucks.

One thing you have to admire about Google is that they try very hard to ensure that they are meeting their users needs, which means constantly taking users input to help mold their changes properly. This methodology helps to ensure that the majority of their user base will remain overall happy with any changes they make.

So while AdWords is not broke, at the same time it was not as up-to-date as Google would like because of the shift in the way people not only receive information (such more via mobile devices) but also in how they receive that information (such as increased app and video usage) which was limiting potential advertising opportunities.

Expected Changes

Here are the primary changes to the platform:

  • Interface Information – The primary change will focus on the amount of information and context you obtain for your ad words. That means right out of the box you can get a feel for how campaigns are doing with just a glance followed by additional details if you click on a campaign. From there information is going to be provided in a more user friendly format. While some people might view it as “dumbing things down” in essence they are looking to simplify the platform for a larger audience and allow people to see what campaigns are the most effective.
  • Interface Construction – This time around they are using Material Design for the interface build which is the language they use for Gmail, Maps and Search. From a UX perspective this is a wise move as so many people are already familiar with the look and feel of these very popular apps which should make using AdWords more intuitive for a new user.
  • Campaign Options – There are going to be increased options to allow a business to connect to customers more easily no matter where they are. Think of a campaign that can now reach video media on YouTube or other video sites as an example.

How will it affect me?

Right now there will be absolutely no difference for the majority of users; primarily because only a few users have the new version. Google’s current rollout plan is a slow one to take place over the next 9 to 12 months. As more users join the “test group” Google will incorporate their feedback and suggestions for each release until they deem the product finished enough for a full release.

After the full release takes place we foresee two primary changes; ease of use and a change in pricing. The changes to a more common format along with providing information your business needs more readily should make the use of AdWords less daunting. Of course with more options and thus opportunity for diverse marketing campaigns we fully expect the pricing options to increase as well with an uptick in cost for larger campaigns and more competition for low margin businesses and low sophistication advertisers.

There is also resulting affect on organic search to consider in that the push of AdWords has limited organic search results to fewer slots on the first results page.

Of course the bottom line on how the Google AdWords changes will affect you will depend completely on your usage of the platform, but from our perspective having a more user-friendly and powerful platform to work with is not a bad thing.




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