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How to make your website better to improve your business

It is a sad fact that most businesses are under using their website. A website can be, and should be a centerpiece or tool for your business. Many owners might not even realize that they are not effectively utilizing their website to accomplish certain tasks which is why we have created a list of the top 5 ways your website can improve your business.

Using your website to improve business

  • Be helpful – A website should always offer assistance to customers. Helping customers and gaining their trust, especially if done for free, will help create a relationship that goes just beyond a simple lead. In a crowded field your business needs to stand out and developing relationships by being helpful makes it much more likely they will help you back.
  • Quality content – Many companies simply don’t see the value in consistently writing content because of the time investment and lack of immediate results. This is one of those concepts that will pay off over time with better SEO and helping validate you and your business by showcasing the knowledge you have along with the understanding of your industry. Even better, unique and ground breaking content establishes your brand as an industry leader.
  • Offer exclusive deals – Having incentives to visit your site is important in today’s cluttered internet. People can easily learn about your business without even going to your site using a Google search, so the key is to draw them in with something they can’t get anywhere else; exclusive deals or perks. Things like coupons, free shipping and even chances to win prizes will help keep even casual browsers around longer and coming back to see new deals.
  • Showcase channel partners – A channel partner is a company you partner with to help promote and sell their product, services, or technologies. This is a way for specialized company to offer a host of services for clients via their partners. Rather than just focusing your website on capturing direct sales for yourself, make sure to build a site that highlights your partners and why they are great. This is a team concept because by helping them look better, their sales will grow which conversely will help yours grow. Additionally, because they are featured so prominently, they will be excited to share your site which will directly benefit you.
  • Focused action – What is it you want someone to do while at your site? This seems fairly basic conceptually, but it is still surprising the number of websites that fail to place a clear call to action. You need to have a defined action you want visitors to take, from making a purchase to signing up for a newsletter, and you need to ask them to take that action! Provide a clear, compelling call to action that resonates with your visitors.

Keep it fresh

Along with the above concepts, an additional idea that cannot be overlooked is keeping your website updated and fresh. Far too many business owners stay with the same website design for too long, some as many as 10 years. The reason this strategy is limiting is due to the advances in web design and changes in style that constantly occur.

If you don’t update your site ever few years your business will risk looking cheap, out-of-date and unsuccessful. Some people might even be concerned your business isn’t active if the site doesn’t appear current.

A good website is an incredible tool for any business. Make sure you consider these ways your website can improve your business and look to incorporate them to ensure that you are getting the most out of your site while helping your business thrive.

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