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How to Find a Good APP Developer

Let’s say you have a great idea for an app you want to create for a tablet or smartphone. How do you find a good APP developer to make that idea come to life? That is a good question as there are lots and lots of app developers out there, but figuring how who is good versus who isn’t can be a bit of a challenge.

Questions to ask potential developers

Okay, so you have found some people with potential, interesting looking designs, or a great portfolio. Now what?

The best course of action is to hire an experienced developer you trust to take your idea from paper to reality. Here are some key questions that should be asked to help select the right app developer to meet your needs:

  1. Where can I find the apps you have developed? – Any good or great developer should have a list of apps they either created or had a significant role in developing along with links to the store where they are sold. You can then view finished work to see if they can do the types of things you want done.
  2. Do you have a client list available? – Some apps have creative teams involved in creating them and that list of credits hardly ever makes it to the app stores. Ideally you need references from current and past clients and then you need to check on them. This offers a great opportunity to ask questions about performance such as timeliness, working under pressure, meeting budgets and deadlines.
  3. How can we monetize this? – While you might have ideas about how your app can make money, you need to see what types of thoughts they have. Then, depending on the methods you choose, that needs to be including in the design process.
  4. What type of phone and tablet do you use? – Ideally if they are an Android expert you really want them to be using an Android phone and tablet. The same goes for iPhone or Blackberry. If a person is developing an app for a specific user base, they should understand the user base and be part of it by using the equipment and existing apps.
  5. What kind of special features can you create? – Innovative and new features are what grab people’s attention. The “wow” factor is a big deal. So what can they do?
  6. Who will own the app? – This is very important. It should be very clear that you own the product and the developer should sign a “work for hire” contract giving them no rights to the design, content, or coding.
  7. How will you test the app? – Apps always need to be tested and updated before the finished product is ready to be rolled out. What types of tests will they run? How do they control the beta environment? A good developer should have controls in place and a plan to fix problems quickly.
  8. Will you submit the app to stores? – Who does the leg work? Typically app submission is a long process that a good developer should understand and have done before. Ideally you want them to handle it for you.
  9. What are the fees, payment terms and how and when do we communicate? – These are basic components of any deal. Will it be an hourly project or a flat fee with an initial deposit? Do you talk weekly in person or via Skype? Who handles questions on either end? These are all important things to understand.

A good APP developer should be able to answer all of these questions in a way that makes you feel comfortable with the process and confident in them. Then, if the price is right and their references check out, you have found yourself a developer!

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