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How to create Buzz on the Internet

Some days it seems like everyone but you is getting noticed on the internet, and usually for seemingly all the wrong reasons. The strangest things get the most buzz which can be frustrating to the business owner who dreams of getting 25 million hits for a YouTube video instead of the 200 theirs generated. ‘Why didn’t I use a cute kitten?” is a question that many ask themselves at night.

Yes, the internet is a fickle beast at best and the climb to notoriety can be difficult. Usually it takes a combination of hard work, dedication, great content, and measurable success to be considered the type of place that will get visited often. Here is a great blueprint to follow if you want to find your niche as a hot spot on the web.

The Big 5

  1. Create Something – Easier said than done right? You need to have something that makes people want to visit you. That can be a great blog, important articles, a special app, videos, or really anything that can become social dynamite.
  2. Post It – Once you make it then it needs to be set free. That means posting it to any venue that users will look for that type of content. That could be your website, YouTube, etc. Make sure that not only can they find it but that they can also find you. The content needs to link back to you so even if it gets shared the consumers can figure out where it came from originally.
  3. Talk It Up – Use forums and other open areas to talk about your content. Of course again you need to target the right demographic, people interested in your content.
  4. Make Money Off It – Ah, here is the real point of it all; to make money. This is number five in the lost but should always be thought of first. Why are you doing this? What is the point? Are you attracting people to your site to generate more sales? Are you looking to sign people up for a newsletter? What do you want that traffic for? Once you get it, you need to do something with it.

You Should Know…

Marketing companies already provide this service for people. Steps one to four are very common to have done by a third party service. They post articles to various spots with links going back to the intended target. Then the articles are posted and shared as much as possible. The company or author then signs into forums and tweak a discussion thread to point to the article.

As other companies are already out there, directing people towards a specific target, you should ask yourself, “What I am doing to get them to find me instead?”

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