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How Recycling Content Is Bringing Sexy Back

Constantly creating new content for your site is exhausting. Not only is it hard to come up with new ideas that resonate with your target audience, but it is also draining to keep on top of content creation when things like vacation or unexpected absences occur. Every website development company worth their salt knows the value of good content, even if it something that you have used before. Today we are going to share our thoughts on how recycling content is bringing sexy back to your website.

After all, if it was useful information before, it can still be useful information again especially if you are regularly adding people to your audience. Plus, you spent hours working on your content so it makes sense to get as much use out of it as possible!

Tops Tips for Salvaging Content

  • Research Old Content – The first step involves finding older content that is actually worth using again. One of the best ways to do this is via analytics, finding those particular content pieces that were well read or shared a lot. Along with finding pieces you can repurpose, this step also allows you to create a list of popular topics to revisit for future, new articles.
  • Revise Topics – Older topics can easily be revised with a slightly different take on the matter. Sometimes your point of view shifts slightly and what was less important before might be more important now and vice versa. Maybe you do something different in the process that know you think should be incorporated into that piece. For example, a technique article might benefit from a new method you have learned in the past year.
  • Update Topics – This works well with topics that might have been new at the time you wrote about them and now they have grown or changed like the release of new technology that related to your business. The update allows you to use the bones of the prior piece and add information about what has changed or is new to the topic. Google will consider a piece of content new if you add or revise 300 words so consider that as you update a topic.
  • Reprint Topics – Rather than re-working old content you can also just re-print older topics with a disclaimer noting the original posting date. You might add a few blurbs to the beginning about this being “From the Vault” or some other phrase to help let people know this is an older piece. You can also look at creating a new article that links to a few older topics like a “Best of” list or a list of your most popular articles under a specific topic. “Do you like XXX? You might be interested in reading these articles from the past year that were popular with our readers.”
  • Create a Series – A series is a great way to fill future gaps in a calendar while reusing older ideas. For example, each year before Christmas lots of sites post articles like, “Best Gifts for Men.” Other common series posts are things like rankings. So look at past content that might fall into this type of category and then plan when you can reuse a particular series idea. Some sites use a particular “ranking” article as a key content piece each month while other use it quarterly or annually.

The bottom line is that every piece of content you create has value and that value should not be limited to a single posting. Recycling old content is a great way to quickly craft articles when time is short, you run out of ideas, or even when you want to go on vacation and don’t have the time to work a week ahead. Since the overall goal is engagement and ROI, recycling content is bringing sexy back because you are getting more use out of proven winners that you already invested time and energy on.

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