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How do you write an SEO article?

A key aspect of proper SEO, as any good SEO company will tell you, is to have good content. Some companies will do this for a client using on-staff SEO writers. In other cases you might want to write your own content to have more control over what topics are covered and when new material will be posted.

In either event, the person creating the content is charged with writing something that is SEO friendly. Here are some great tips to help create something that will be beneficial to readers and will still meet your SEO needs.

Tips for crafting SEO content

  1. Write engaging and useful content – Content is only king if people find it useful and interesting. Sites that share content that is relevant to their business with readers are rewarded by search engines just as social shares are. Social shares occur when people find what you have written so useful that they want to spread it to their circles. A well-written article can easily outperform 10 so-so pieces especially in the area of rankings.
  2. KISS – In this case we mean “Keep it short-n-simple”. The internet is not the place for long-winded prose. People want their information quickly. So make your point, make it well, and make it right away. Readers want to be engaged quickly and find what they are reading beneficial in minutes or they will leave.
  3. Break it up – Use lists, headers with interesting titles and other editing methods to draw the eyes to important sections, topics, or information. Again, people want to digest content quickly so instead of having paragraph after paragraph make sure you include bold aspects to attract attention along with italics and lists to create levels within your content.
  4. Choose keywords and then use them sparingly – In most cases you need to write content around keywords or find nice ways to slip them in. They will be in the title, meta-tags and body of the post, but you need to make sure you do not overuse them. When you do, people notice and the writing suffers. As an example, can you guess what the keywords are in this article? Hopefully they won’t stand out if the author has done a good job.
  5. Images sell an article – A great image can turn a good article into a real gem. The best example is in the entertainment industry. When someone such as US or Entertainment Weekly leads a story it is always with a relevant picture that attracts attention. In many cases the article itself can be subpar but the image alone is enough to get a person engaged. Take your time selecting a good picture, optimize the image with relevant keywords in the name, size it properly for a quick load time, and place it appropriately so the article flows around it.
  6. To share is to succeed – All content should be easily sharable when it is published. Whatever platform you will publish to must have all the proper social share buttons because you want readers to do some of the promotional work for you. Social media is extremely powerful in building rankings.
  7. Proof read twice – One of the biggest mistakes anyone can make is not proofreading enough. Some writers are in a hurry, others feel overly confident, or perhaps they have an editor. No matter what the situation or excuse, proofreading MUST be done multiple times. Why? The simply answer is credibility. When readers find a glaring mistake it can kill the credibility of the author much like an incorrect fact. Write it, proof it, take a break, proof it again, post it, and then proof it again live.

All of these tips are things that a good SEO company will do when crafting content and you should too.

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