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How Can You Be Successful On Pinterest?

Companies that are looking to expand their social media platforms face a dilemma in that sometimes they are completely inexperienced with a particular medium, such as Pinterest, but they think that it might be a good media outlet for them. In today’s post we look to answer the question of how can you be successful on Pinterest with a down and dirty guide of how to make this particular social media site useful to you.

Why Pinterest?

Well, if you weren’t already thinking of using this platform here are some important numbers to consider. They have had almost 75 millions visitor users in 2015. The primary age demographic is 18-45 and 85% of all users are women. If your demographic fits in that niche you had better be using Pinterest because more than likely your competitors will be.

Getting started on Pinterest

Here are the steps you should take after you create an account for your business:

  • Cruise Pinterest – Spend about an hour on the site checking out other businesses, people’s personal pages, competitors and things you like. Get a feel for the site and try to understand the community and its style. This is an invaluable step before you dive in to help ensure you understand a bit about what people (including yourself) finds engaging and interesting enough to be considered ‘pinnable’. Pinnable content is a key aspect of sharing content on this medium.
  • Create your board – The key word to have in mind when working on Pinterest (or really any social media site) is engagement. For the world of Pinterest what is engaging is a representation of your lifestyle, character and brand. More than just a place to hock products, Pinterest is all about showcasing the people and brand behind the business. Take a peek at other business Pinterest sites and note how they resonate ‘styles’ and ‘feelings’. People who visit Pinterest aren’t looking for a specific product as much as they are looking for ideas and inspiration so your goal needs to be to create a community that is centered around your brand and character and then extend into providing engaging content that your audience will find enjoying enough to share. GE, for example, focuses on innovation, inspiration and humor.
  • Focus on captions and names – Captions and names are probably the biggest key on Pinterest after content. The only way people are going to check out a board is if the name grabs the attention of your audience. If your audience is guys a board named “Badass Machines” will probably get a lot of looks. From there the success of any individual pin is based on its level of engagement and people will engage when they see a great caption.
  • Consider keywords – People use the search function on Pinterest a lot because the site has grown so quickly. While some markets are riper for keywords than others, experience has taught us that optimizing with keywords is never a bad idea. Relevant keywords should be in your captions and descriptions.
  • Link it – Make sure to add the “Pin It” button to your website to go with your other social media buttons. Then make sure that you link your Pinterest account to Facebook. Facebook and Pinterest go together like peanut butter and jelly. By having your social accounts linked and in sync your target audience will have an easier time getting to everything they might want to see.
  • Content checks – So how do you determine what is working? You can use the web address ‘ homepage address here)/. This will show what has trickled down to other users’ boards, which gives you the ability to evaluate and analyze what people are enjoying.
  • Provide rewards – Like any good social media campaign it is smart business to reward the people who are helping you the most. People who are regularly posting content from your site are in essence brand ambassadors on Pinterest so you should make sure you not only follow them but look to provide notoriety and rewards for them to encourage other people to become ambassadors as well. Building a strong relationship with your audience improves brand identity, increases reach and is the entire purpose of using a site like Pinterest in the first place.

The bottom line is that Pinterest is a great way to expose your business and brand to new and existing users on a very fun and engaging platform. You can be successful on Pinterest by following our tips as Pinterest is a great medium that everyone should take advantage of.

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