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How Can I Get More Millennial Customers?


Right now millennials are America’s largest generation and should be considered carefully not only for their enormous spending power but also because of their trendsetting ability. Is your business properly geared towards this unique, tech-savvy group? As a top web development company, we have a few insights on how you can get more millennial customers.

Insights for Connecting to the Millennial Customer

  • Good designs – For websites and apps, the millennials expect at a minimum a good user experience with a well designed interface that is effective an engaging. With smartphones literally attached at the hip for a good deal of their lives, they are tech savvy and mobile ready buyers who have high expectations on what tech should be doing so your websites and apps better work properly.
  • Self service – In many areas, millennials prefer self service options. They understand and have experienced what tech can do and often prefer reduced roles of actual people if there is a relatively easy way they can utilize an online or self-service option to handle their needs. That does not mean the elimination of person-to-person interactions, but when they happen they need to add value to the situation.
  • Consistency – As a group that uses more platforms on average than any other, having a consistent look and feel across all of your contact points is critical. That means your design and content needs to look and feel the same on the app, the website and social media channel regardless of if accessing from a desktop, tablet or smartphone. The expectation is to be able to do anything from any device or location or to pick up where they left off easily.
  • Multi-channel engagement – Often millennials learn about products and trends from social media. They also want to then find out information and reviews on products. That means they will be engaging your business and brand on multiple channels and you need to be well prepared as this is also a very vocal group that will quickly voice displeasure.
  • Personalized connection – As much as this group prefers automation, they also want personalized service to show them they are special, unique and important to you.
  • Shared values – The values of your business are more important to this group than the generation before it because millennials are more prone to integrating their own beliefs into their selection process when choosing to engage with a business. If your business supports a cause they like, they are more likely to purchase from you.
  • New experiences – This generation is much more prone for exploration and adventure, from trying to places to traveling at the drop of the hat. It is about new experiences and then sharing that with their circles. This can lead to unique opportunities if you are able to capture that aspect within the niche of your business and sell it properly.
  • Collaboration – More than previous generations, millennials seem to feel that when they connect or work with a company or brand, they can become an extension of that brand or company. That means as brand ambassadors or possibly the desire to try and collaborate with your business. This can be tricky because while you might not want to collaborate, you also don’t want to alienate. However it also opens the door for unique opportunities as many tech businesses have shown such as Yelp.

The bottom line is that this generation is now the biggest generation and they hold a lot of power as consumers. As they are a young group they will be around a long time which means understanding how you can get more millennial customers is important not just for now but also for ten years from now because if you earn their loyalty then usually they will be back and often times they bring friends.

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