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Holiday Marketing Tips for 2016

It seems like as soon as you turned off your Halloween party music someone else was already turning on Christmas music in a nearby store. While it might be annoying to some that Christmas and the holidays come earlier and earlier each year, for others it marks the final push towards profit after a long year. As one of the top web development companies in the game we wanted to share not only our holiday well wishes but also our Holiday Marketing Tips for 2016 to help prepare you for the best year end possible!

So what is on our holiday checklist this year?

Holiday Marketing Tips for 2016

  • Get Personal – This year is one in which the idea of becoming more personal has really taken hold. It starts with providing a personalized experience for the customer and that means interacting with them like they are actual people. Offering personalized suggestions, personalized emails and other communications or even special offers for early or last-minute shoppers can be huge. Even better, add your own story into the mix to show your personal side.


  • Offer Free Shipping – One of the few things that will help a customer quickly decide to buy something from one store over the other is free shipping. People want a deal and are often willing to spend more to get it, especially when it comes to free shipping. If you want to be competitive, find a way to ensure you are shipping for free even if it requires a minimum purchase.


  • Contact Current Customers – You would be surprised at how many businesses fail to contact current customers around the holidays with current deals, promotions, or even just to give holiday wishes. Now you don’t need to go all Harry & David on people with daily messages, but at least make sure you say hello.


  • Use Peak Day Promotions – There are five peak promo days in the next two months. Things start on Thanksgiving and Black Friday before the fun of Cyber Monday. Then we have Green Monday on December 12 and then Free Shipping Day on December 16. Each day is a high volume sale day and you definitely want your piece of the pie so make sure you have special promotions set up for each one.


  • Use Time-Sensitive Follow-Up Coupons – Here is a great campaign idea from last year; when people made a large purchase they received an email with an unknown rewards benefit of $5 to $500. The kicker is that not only is it good for only 1 week but you also have to go into a store to scan the barcode and see the value of it. This campaign rewards customers, adds a sense of urgency and almost ensures a return visit.


  • Optimize Your Website – Right now is a great time to clean up your site and ensure it is running at peak performance. People simply don’t have the time for slow loading sites, 404 errors, or outdated content and images.


  • Connect to Memories – The holidays are a time where people like to be reminded of early decades and reminisce about their youth. You can help that happen by utilizing anything that helps create feelings of nostalgia. Things like vintage designs and decorations, past photos of you or employee when you were kids or even nostalgic themed promotions will work.


  • Social Media Promotion – Aim for at least one social media promotion that focuses on your customers rather than yourself. For example, have everyone post a picture of themselves in an ugly Christmas sweater and then vote on them with the top three winning prizes. Look for something holiday related and fun to get people engaged.


  • Look to Remove Stress – Holidays are stressful for people so one thing every business can do is look for ways to remove stress and make things easier for your target audience. Free wrapping, free shipping, and anything else that can make life easy and stress free need to be pushed on social media, landing pages and the like; but of course only if they act now!

The bottom line is that if you rely on end of the year sales you need to act now. Even if you have plans in place, take the time to review our Holiday Marketing Tips for 2016 and look for areas to improve because every advantage you can get over the competition means more money in your pocket at the end of the year.

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