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Holiday Marketing Tips for 2015

Holy smokes, Halloween is over, clocks have rolled back an hour, leaves are falling off trees left and right which can mean only one thing; it is time for our annual Holiday Marketing Tips for 2015.

With Black Friday looming, there is no time to waste in getting ready for another wild holiday season. For some businesses, the last six weeks of the year are make-or-break time and that means leaving no stone unturned in looking for even the slightest edge over the competition. Let’s get to it!

Holiday Marketing Tips

  • Develop a Campaign Schedule – It is important to have a calendar set up to follow what you are doing, when you are doing and when you are repeating it. Over the holidays people are busy and get a lot of information thrown at them. Therefore it is important to not only have plans for your initial campaign launch but also the follow-up and follow-follow-up touch points. Just because people did not respond to the initial attempt it does not mean a lack of interest necessarily. So stretch those campaigns out.
  • Consider Ad Automation – Normally the set-it-and-forget-it approach is impersonal, but over the holidays it might be the best method. Because you are looking at such a small window of time, it can be a very useful tool to help manage your campaigns and keep your on track for multiple touch points.
  • Track Trends – Each holiday season is different with new trends taking shape as the holiday develops. Why is this important? Because as a business owner you can adapt your marketing program on the fly to take advantage of trends and preferences along with using current issues and concerns as leverage to help spur conversions and sales. So what is really interesting consumers this year? What is hot and what is not? Do some investigation and adjust plans accordingly.
  • Place a Premium on Ad Copy – Unique ad copy will pay the bills this year. While many businesses simply re-launch a previous campaign using pressure sales techniques like limited time offers or counting down the days until Christmas, the smart money is on crafting ad copy that speaks to this year’s consumers. Let them know your products are current, these deals are fresh and re-instill the emotional reason why they need what you are selling!
  • Look to Remove Stress – Holidays are stressful for people so one thing every business can do is look for ways to remove stress and make things easier for your target audience. Free wrapping, free shipping, and anything else that can make life easy and stress free need to be pushed on social media, landing pages and the like; but of course only if they act now!
  • Geo-targeted Mobile Marketing – Mobile shopping is a big deal this year as people will use devices to track down the best price and compare online versus in-store options. To take advantage of consumers on devices, geo-targeted marketing sends email marketing messages to those consumers when they are close to your store to help give you an advantage.
  • Keyword Research – Along with your core search terms, during the holidays you need to try and capitalize on seasonal searches and trends. The goal here isn’t getting excess traffic, but instead to look for missed opportunities within your given demographic.
  • Private Parties – Social media and email marketing are two excellent tools that can be used to create a special holiday party to reward your best customers and most active social promoters. Review your own statistics to find a slow point in your sales day and turn that downtime into uptime with a private shopping event that not only makes your best customers feel more special, but also helps increase sales when you need it.
  • Consider Remarketing – People hardly ever buy something at the first site they visit or from looking at the first ad; they shop around for the best deal. Because of this you will have plenty of abandoned shopping cart scenarios that are perfect fodder for a strong remarketing campaign.
  • Use Time-Sensitive Follow-Up Coupons – Here is a great campaign Best Buy is using; when people make a large purchase they get an email with an unknown rewards benefit of $5 to $500. The kicker is that not only is it good for only 1 week but you also have to go into a store to scan the barcode and see the value of it. This campaign rewards customers, adds a sense of urgency and almost ensures a return visit. Brilliant!

The bottom line is that you need to be in full Holiday Marketing Mode right now. Even if you have plans in place, take the time to review our Holiday Marketing Tips for 2015 and look for areas to improve because even the slightest edge can increase your bottom line for a very Happy New Year.

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