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Give Your Pet a Voice at

With the launch of, pets themselves finally have the social network they have been barking for. No longer will they be shackled to those rather pedestrian, human-centric sites like LinkedIn or Instagram; no, now they have a social network all for themselves.

It should be no surprise that four legged friends and all other manner of pet are into social networking. Rough estimates have at least one out of every ten pets on Facebook, some with ridiculous levels of followers. Celebrities have been known to launch Twitter accounts in the name of their pets in a way to branch out and connect with other animal lovers.

The big problem with this idea is that it is trying to use something large and mainstream for a more specific niche. Also the social media sites themselves want real numbers of human users and in the case of Facebook, have been disabling these “fake” accounts to ensure their marketing numbers are actually representing people who can buy products.

The Launch of

So why launch a pet specific media site? For the most part, concepts like these are born more of a passion than attempts to make money. Pet owners are often a passionate group, treating their four-legged friends like family. In this case, the concept is to share that passion and enjoy the excitement other people have about the same subject.

It is a place to share pet stories and tributes, exchange photos, and generally let your pet have a voice and place all to his (or her) own. Basically the idea is that “Pets do all the talking”.

The great thing about this day and age is that it can be fairly easy to take an idea and find it a home on the web. No longer does it have to be a situation of where you think of something that could be fun, exciting, or interesting but then you just let it be. With the advances in technology, it is easier to turn those concepts into something real in a short amount of time.

Five Things about

  1. It is a visual social network for pets.
  2. It allows the pet owner to give your pet a voice (but it doesn’t provide any funny accents to actually make your pet sound like it does in your head)
  3. Users can meet and interact.
  4. Users can comment and share on their posts and others posts.
  5. User can create themed boards and pin items.

When it gets down to it, uraPET is another creative idea for a social network that is somewhat of a hybrid of other sites like Pinterest or Facebook, but with one big difference; it is all about pets and nothing else.

Have Your Own Idea?

Here are some great concepts you can use to bring your own idea to life just like the owner of uraPET did:

  • Don’t over think it – If it is a good idea then that will become apparent. Listen to feedback and keep the idea growing rather than sitting around thinking about it.
  • Don’t be shy – Seek out help; don’t be afraid to use people as a sounding board.
  • Don’t please everyone – It is impossible anyway.
  • Don’t overreach – Start small and let it grow instead of working endlessly on a huge concept that will never reach the hype.
  • Outline Expectations – This can prevent throwing a lot of money at an idea. Understand what you want to do and how much it will cost.
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