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Geosocial Branding: Driving Sales In The New Global Conversation

Social media and digital mobility are fast merging to create a new paradigm for marketers. Following consumers everywhere they go, within the easy reach of every smartphone and iPad, the confluence of online community and location-based immediacy offers a powerful opportunity for savvy marketers prepared to take advantage of it.

It’s called geosocial branding, and it should be the cornerstone of your digital marketing plan. By offering your consumers the tools they need to build communities, merge their online interests with their everyday lives, and embrace your message in ways they never considered before, you can extend your brand both powerfully and cost effectively.

A sophisticated geosocial branding program is multifaceted, deceptively simple yet truly complex, and touches a wide variety of technologies and techniques to create a dynamic, growing consumer experience. For organizations eager to jump into the fray today, we recommend starting with these simple strategic principles.

Capitalize on data convergence. As the prices of mobile devices and data plans continue to drop and flatten, consumer eyes are turning to services and tools that can further merge the many streams of data reaching them every day. Email, voice mail, instant messaging, text messaging, GPS locating, social media, Twitter: in the seemingly endless parade of information sources competing for time and attention, what consumers crave most are tools that empower them to see more while being inundated less. They want data convergence.

Find ways to streamline and extend your customers’ online experience with the power of your branded service. In return, your customers will reward you with their loyalty.

Replace “push” with “pull”. Traditional advertising is a “push” medium: essentially, the advertiser is attempting to force a message upon a passive – or even actively resistant – consumer. In a time of decreasing attention spans and more mobile, more self-directed interests, this form of advertising is becoming less effective and more expensive. This is why the new generation of smart marketers are giving up “push” advertising in favor of “pull” marketing.

“Pull” marketing seduces and attracts, drawing the consumer into the message rather than chasing and pressuring them. Targeted in pinpoint fashion and offering nearly immediate success metrics, pull marketing can be highly cost effective and offer astonishingly solid ROI – particularly in the growing niche of mobile app-driven advertising.

Embrace geotagging. As portable GPS services proliferate into every mobile device and every Internet portal, users everywhere are finding new ways to integrate location-based information into their creations. Dubbed “geotagging”, this new opportunity for imaginative mashups empowers consumers to directly connect their online assets with the real life that surrounds them every day – and is providing marketers a dynamic new way of leveraging their own brands to spark new consumer interests.

Offer exclusive experiences. Real life is bound by limits: limits on space, limits on time, limits on everyday accessibility. Digital communication is a realm of idea, lifting the burden of limitation to extend experience possibilities to the furthest reach of imagination itself. How does your brand tap into that basic human need to touch the far horizon? How does your online marketing provide an exclusive experience found nowhere else?

Geosocial marketing plans everywhere are developing to include components of social networks, mobile apps, games, real life events, and every other conceivable venue of human experience. Your customers yearn most to be special, important, and exclusive. Give them new opportunities that validate those desires and they will pursue them with all their hearts.

Unleash the power of social good. This year’s “Arab Spring” has demonstrated the power of social networking to organize communities, overthrow old orders and materialize the collective desire to build new testaments to social good. Everyone strives for significance, to take part in humanity’s forward motion towards a better world. The most effective online marketing programs today intertwine geolocation, mobile apps and social interaction, uplifting important causes and every day giving consumers the outlets they need to create integrity-based online identities.

Mobile marketing is a rapidly evolving field, a fresh new arena of ideas and insights into the most fundamental human needs and motivations. Social cohesion. Identity. Validating experience. Control. At the crossroads of these drives, the emerging principles of geosocial marketing are taking form. We expect these principles to soon become the underlying axioms of a new advertising paradigm – the new common sense in a marketing world still fighting to make the best use possible of a turbocharged consumer with the world in their hands.

Cost effective and pinpoint-targeted, a strong geosocial marketing plan can revolutionize your advertising ROI and expand your brand in ways you never before thought possible. The sooner your business embarks on that journey, the better.

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