Executive Summary

What’s in a name?

When our fearless founder and visionary decided to officially launch the firm in 1998, he was competing with a congested market full of overnight ‘dot-com’ marvels and traditional behemoths of the advertising arena.

As he pondered the solutions he’d deliver, he realized that a successful leader in this challenging arena had to be like a chameleon — able to change and transform with the market at a moment’s notice to thrive.

Hence, Lounge Lizard Worldwide was born.

Our philosophy stems from the principles of reactive marketing. This unique and proven methodology ensures effective results with your marketing, advertising, Internet and technology strategies.

Powerful. Creative. Innovative.
With the Lounge Lizard approach, you achieve your goals quickly..

We craft effective creative strategies that incite reactions and your target audience responds. Furthermore, your organization’s brand awareness and revenues skyrocket. Simply, Lounge Lizard enhances your online market presence.

Nobody knows your organization, industry, products or services better than you. At Lounge Lizard, our expertise allows us to concentrate on effectively managing your website presence, online marketing campaigns, software and web application development — or all of the above in a comprehensive, integrated strategy.

Our group of accomplished online marketers, designers and technologists devote their time and energy to learn about your market and organization to make the best decisions with and for you. Through research and collaboration, we develop a partnership for success.

Excellence in execution, strategy and evaluation is key.

The initial step in the Lounge Lizard process calls for the evaluation of previous and existing online marketing initiatives and the results. This includes significant research and analysis efforts on your organization, competition and industry. We’re firm believers in looking to the past and present to see how we can enhance the effectiveness of your future activities.

After evaluating the research, we’ll form an action plan with you to create a strategy (and expectations) that will generate measurable results.

Strong, results-driven marketing is the difference between success and failure.