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Eight ways to Increase Online Sales

If you utilize this list then your business is guaranteed to increase your online sales 257%. That’s right, we said a whopping 257% increase to sales. How can we determine such a precise increase? Okay…you got us…we can’t. In fact some of these methods might not help you increase your sales at all.

The fact of the matter is, sales are dependent on product as well as sales methods and you never know which strategy will be the one that works best for you until you try it out and monitor the results.

Of course we are not going to leave you with just that tidbit of information. We do in fact have eight great ways to increase online sales. So give them a try, one or two at a time, and carefully monitor your stats to see how effective they are for you. Then simply keep what works!

8 Sales Strategies

  • Hover Ads – A lot of user hate pop-up ads and as such browsers have pop-up blockers to try and limit their presence. However they are a very useful marketing tool. Enter hover ads to the mix which are like pop-ups but aren’t so they don’t get blocked. The key here is to use hover ads for your own benefit and not linking somewhere else. An opt-in offer, special promotion, or something else you want your targeted visitors to see is ideal.
  • Change Your Headline – Headlines are a valuable informational tool as well as attention grabber. It is usually the first thing visitors see and as such should be compelling enough to make them want to stay. If you landing page is a sales or newsletter you better believe that sparking interest is a top priority. A great headline should stress a problem or issue.
  • Reformat Your Pages – People skim on the internet. Reading every line just takes too much time. So one thing you can do if you feel you have great copy already is to change how it is formatted. Re-arranging text, breaking things up with more paragraphs, sub-headlines, bold, italic, and bullet lists are all tools used to visually attract eyes to important areas.
  • Adjust Images – In today’s market images are very powerful. However, some pictures don’t add value and other will. Also you need to consider placement. In this case the strategy requires a bit more monitoring as you are going to want to look at stats for a page based on images versus no images and then placement of images to see what gets you the strongest response.
  • Wait for It – Don’t pitch too early. People want free information on the internet and usually that is what they are searching for. If you tip your hat too soon with a sales pitch before they are hooked, interested, or feel that you offer a voice of experience then it is much more likely they will click away. Try to remove key words like “buying”, “sale”, and “cost” from the top portion of your copy. You don’t want to mention spending money until you have built up enough interest and trust that they want to buy from you.
  • Establish the Problem – This goes hand in hand with the above tip. You need to firmly establish the problem or issue before you provide the solution. The headline might start with a problem but you need to really get into it to ensure the entire target audience will view it as something that needs to be remedied. People want to know that you understand “their problem” not just something general because then they will feel more confident that you can solve it.
  • Establish Credibility – Why should people believe you? What makes you different from anyone else? There are two things you should do to establish credibility. The first is to have customer testimonials that tout what you did for them. The second is to have your credentials and experience listed somewhere to show why you are the expert to help. If you are telling me how to unclog a drain I want to see that you are a plumber with 10 years experience rather than a landscaper.
  • Focus on the Reader – Tooting your own horn is fun and ego-boosting but not particularly effective for sales. It isn’t about “I”, “me”. or “we”…it is about “you” and “your”. The reader is here because they need help with something, a problem that needs to be solved, a product, or whatever it is that you provide. Your job is to make sure that the reader feels that you have their best interest in mind the entire time.

In many ways your sales pages are like a focus group. When you monitor the stats carefully you can see what the target audience likes and doesn’t like as you make adjustments. In the long run, taking time to work through various methods to discover what is the most effective ways to reach your audience will pay off.

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