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Does Your Business Need An APP Just For Customer Service?

Mobile apps serve a variety of purposes in today’s business world such as generating money or leads, acting as productivity assistants, providing entertainment, and most importantly – giving a business an advantage over competitors. One of those areas where you can quickly gain a lead is in customer relations which is why we feel that you business needs an APP just for customer service.

Customer service has become very important these days, especially for those small and mid-sized businesses that need to use every edge they can to beat out larger competitors in their marketplace. From the small grocer on the corner to the clothing manufacturer that sells online, great customer service is critical to retaining customers.

An APP with a focus on that customer service need is a great way to serve your customers.

4 Reasons Why an APP Makes Sense for Customer Service

  • Ultimate Convenience – More and more people are using their mobile devices for anything and everything they can because of the convenience factor. Being able to access information for your business from their phone takes advantage of that convenience while meeting a customer’s need which is a win-win scenario. Things like product availability, product reviews, contact information, common FAQs, location finder and the like are all things you can put into an app that will benefit your customers.
  • Contact Point – Rather than waiting until they are in front of computer, a mobile app offers a great contact point for your customers. One-touch calling from the APP, instant message communication, email, or even a FaceTime styled connection can help your directly connect with customers to help them when it is most convenient for them. Over 60% of people are already using a mobile device at least once a month for customer service so why not make it as easy and enjoyable for them as possible?
  • Information Portal – An APP is the perfect information portal for your customers. If they have the app then you already know they are a customer who will appreciate information on sales or promotions so the app itself is the perfect conduit to them. You can also update them about new products and provide personalized information on things you know they will be interested in based on prior actions.
  • Perfect for Surveys – One thing you can never have enough of is credible information about your users. The best source of this information is the users themselves which is best learned via surveys. These can be easily pushed on users from an APP to learn all sorts of things such as how easy the most recent purchase was to how well new website or app features are working for them.

The Bottom Line

Many businesses already are utilizing APPs as a way to provide information and services to customers at the mobile level. Taking that idea one-step further to provide a customer service aspect to that contact is only logical, especially when you consider the growth of mobile and how much more younger generations use mobile devices; which is exactly why you business needs an APP just for customer service even if that is the only service it provides.

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