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Does A Good Website Design Even Matter?

Just about every business, small or large, has a website these days and with such a crowded internet landscape that begs the question of does a good website design even matter?

In our opinion the answer is a resounding yes, and that has nothing to do with us being a web development company; it’s just good business sense! Are you curious as to why? Well it just so happens we have four great reasons why everyone benefits from a good web design.

Four reasons good designs matter

  • You only get one first impression – How long does it take to form a first impression? The answer is seven seconds. That means when a new user lands on your site they will have decided if it is good or bad in the time it took to read this sentence. From that single impression they will make the decision if or how they will then interact with your site and thus your business. It is proven that a visually pleasing site has a higher percentage chance to retain users. When you add a strong branding image, contrast, clean lines, a well-crafted message and easily understood navigation then you are creating the most opportunity possible to impress new users and convert them into new customers.
  • Your brand matters – Did you know that your website is your personal online branding portal? From the first impression forward, your site paints the picture of who you are, what you do and how you do it. Luckily if you have a well designed site then you are in control of every inch of that message. That means you can tell your story thy way you want with colors, images and typography that reflects the tone of your business. People should have a feel for your business to know that you work with children, are playful and fun, and are the top-rated business in your area (for example) when they are done looking at your site just from the way you brand yourself.
  • Your message matters – A good design delivers your message to customers exactly the way you want. This is done by proper structuring of a webpage so that it prioritizes information. That means you start with one main, strong idea and then add supporting ideas that funnel users towards your overall goal or reason you have a site in the first place such as generating sales. A bad design can send mixed messages and not provide clear calls to action which is fairly common these days.
  • A website offers legitimacy and trust – Or it doesn’t if designed badly. A strong design that features clean lines and organized pages naturally associates the concepts of legitimacy and trust to users much more so than designs that are less than stellar. Psychologically people equate the experience they have on your website as a reflection of your business so if there are unappealing images, hard to find information or bland colors they will associate that. Broken links, typos, or a messy design make visitors think that you don’t care that much about your business. Trust can be earned with images of real people, contact information and online availability. A great design ensures that the concepts you want are associated with you and your brand.

Okay smart guy, what is in a good design?

There are a lot of things that go into a good design and the top of the list is individuality. Poorly designed sites, those that are a basic WordPress template or those cheap design-it-yourself sites will never help you stand out from the crowd, let alone get ahead of your competitors unless you happen to already be a skilled designer. Sure, you will have a site, but what will it actually do for you?

Here are other elements you should consider:

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Responsive design so mobile and desktop users have equal access
  • Your brand translated to a story
  • Good use of logo
  • Typography that matches your brand and is easy to read
  • Good color palette that resonates with your customers
  • Easily understood navigation
  • Good use of SEO throughout the site
  • Images that reflect your brand and resonate with customers
  • Direct calls to action
  • Fresh, interesting and brief copy

The bottom line

The bottom line is that within 7 seconds most people can decide if they are looking at a good website or a bad website; which type will yours be? If you have already decided that your business needs a website, why would you want to represent it with a subpar site that doesn’t meet your goals unless your aim to run a subpar business? That is why good website design matters.

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