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Do You Know The Top 3 Ways Mobile Technology Can Impact Your Business?

By far mobile technology has become the most interesting and dominating thing in the business world and its impact is still growing. Do you know the Top 3 ways mobile technology can impact your business? As a website development company that also integrates mobile applications for customers we wanted to take the time to share with you how mobile tech can transform your business.

Top 3 Ways Mobile Tech can affect business

Just to be clear, there are numerous ways mobile technology can affect a business. The ways we have selected as our top choices are based on the broadest impact that will affect most types of businesses.

  • Customer Service – The efficiency at which mobile technology can provide certain levels of customer service can be a key to long term retention, which is important in most industries. Because of the simple fact the most everyone has a mobile device on them; you are constantly in a position to be connected to them. Generally speaking the last thing anyone wants to do is wait around to be helped by customer service people however almost everyone needs customer service at some point.

Having a mobile strategy in place that allows for certain aspects to be handled anytime from anywhere provides a level of support people appreciate. Retail stores should have simple options for returns via mobile, insurance companies should allow claims to be filed or questions to be asked and answered quickly, and mortgage companies should be able to provide basic rate information or loan status at the touch of a button. The more customer care you provide when and where customers are helps create loyalty and foster retention.

  • Productivity – Do you remember when people in the field would be armed with a clipboard and a pen? Those days are long gone and for good reason. With mobile technology in the state that it is, people can provide such a higher level of service. Real estate agents can find listings for clients on the go or draft contracts on the spot and submit them. You can check inventory on the spot along with order status. Repair people have direct line connections to vendors for parts or to even get technical information to help them do their jobs more efficiently.

There are so many ways to speed up processes, remove paperwork and eliminate steps which then allowed you to focus on a higher level of customer service and increased transaction speeds, which then improve customer satisfaction. Really it is just a matter of looking at the various functions and day to day operations and asking if there is a faster, more efficient way to do them or finding steps than can be eliminated via mobile tech.

  • Customer Acquisition – Acquiring customers has always been critical to any company’s bottom line. The more tech savvy you are, the more your company will relate to millennials which just became the largest market segment based on age. By being a business that offers contact points via mobile technology along with using a strategy that employs convenient and cost effective methods will appeal to that market segment compared to old school companies that don’t.

There are a lot of little things that the younger generation now expects from the businesses they deal with because in essence they have grown up having some of them and thus expect the same from everyone. Transparency, convenience and accessibility are the primary points but they also value businesses that are on the cutting edge rather than behind the curve. So if you want to appeal to the largest age demographic out there then it is important you appeal to their mobile driven needs.

The bottom line is that mobile technology is revolutionizing many industries, especially those that are data driven. By offering increased speed and service at critical touch points with customers you are opening the door to better interactions and more conversions. Our top 3 ways mobile technology can impact your business should be things you are considering if not already doing because as the world becomes more mobile your business needs to keep up or it will be passed right by.

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