Django Development Company

Are you in the market for a top Django development company to help you with your latest web project? If so then look no further than Lounge Lizard, one of the hottest web design and app development companies around.

For those people who aren’t as tech-savvy or program oriented, Django is a high-level Python web framework. It encourages rapid development and a clean, sensible design. At Lounge Lizard, while we are well known for our award-winning designs that are visually impressive, it is also the work on the back-end of a project that makes us successful because functionality is also important. Using Django allows us to create a solid framework for the high-performing, web applications we utilize to create amazing websites.

Sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Disqus all use Django to create beautiful, real-time and engaging websites much like the numerous sites Lounge Lizard has designed for clients from coast-to-coast in all types of industries.

Part of our focus is ensuring that your website is an extension of your brand. Rather than pulling out a cookie-cutter template that thousands of other sites are using, we create a custom environment that uses the proper combination of colors, images, overlays and style to create something that uniquely represents your company and brand.

Django is an excellent back-end tool to help facilitate many things we do. It has full support for multi-language applications, creates flexible design options, provides dynamic database access and automatically provides admin interfaces.

Our experienced staff of programmers has been utilizing Python and Django since their inception to help with our evolution in the web design business. As a leader in the web design industry for over a decade, Lounge Lizard is the Django development company that will take your web design project to the next level.