Discovery Phase

Discovery Phase

Before Lounge Lizard can provide a formal proposal for a website, the “Discovery Phase” must take place. It has been our experience over the years that without having a deep understanding of a client’s needs and objectives, an accurate concise proposal cannot be prepared. Below is a description of the Lounge Lizard “Discovery phase” and why it’s so important.

The importance of the discovery phase

Establishes prototypes for the functionality which will be developed throughout the site

Modern web sites and web applications have grown to become much more complex than those of the past. E-commerce Solutions, Content Management Systems, Social Networks, and Interactive Multimedia all contain hundreds of “moving parts” that have to work together simultaneously. Wireframes are the blueprints that provide software engineers with a structured execution plan.

Develops an Information Architecture plan which is content based, rather than design/UI based

Information Architecture is the structuring of how your site’s content will be organized, and how your site can best meet the usability needs of your audience. A website design which is executed without first establishing such a strategy, is one that you will likely be redesigning in the near future.

Puts all parties on the same page

There is often a language barrier between agencies and their clients when it comes to verbalizing the technical needs of their website. Without a wireframe, developers might spend weeks crafting a particular feature, only to realize that the expectations of the client were very different. A rough, page-by-page visual representation of your website will alleviate that issue.

Allows clients to visualize how many individual parts of a concept will harmonize early on

We often think about each aspect of a large project as a separate entity, without ever seeing how many unique parts will be woven together into a cohesive whole. Wireframes open up discussions allowing us to perform at our best as a creative agency, and allow you to make necessary changes while it’s quick and easy.

Save time

As stated before, wireframes drastically reduce the chance for surprise. They also give design and development teams an established, agreed upon target – leaving them to focus on rapid execution.