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Did You Know That LinkedIn Can Help Promote Your Brand?

For those who aren’t aware, LinkedIn isn’t just a glorified version of Facebook for professionals; did you know that LinkedIn can help promote your brand and business?

Unlike Facebook, Pinterest, or other more social-oriented sites, LinkedIn is for the professionals of the world. It is a place used for networking, job hunting, information sharing and also as a place to promote your brand and business.

Ways to Use Linked In for Promotion

When the site launched in 2003 it primarily a careers website, but now you can:

  • Create a Company Page – This is a pretty basic idea but plenty of people overlook it. The company page is a place to post updates on your business, link articles and provide other useful information. Try and do something weekly or monthly with your page to keep it fresh and current. But, don’t just post or spam contacts hoping for the best. Make each post count and look to build relationships and exposure organically. Then promote your company page with your personal profile when it is warranted for big news, and ask other employees to do the same.
  • Update your Profile – When creating or updating your profile, consider the fact that every interaction you will have could be with a potential customer. By keeping that in mind you will remember to create a persona that mirrors the “business you” people see. Facebook can be used more casually but the focus on LinkedIn is business. However, make sure to include your own interests as well because there is a social aspect and your goal is to foster connections and then seeing where those connections can go. Before you post things make sure to ask yourself if this will provide value or is interesting.
  • Interact and Engage – There are over one million different user groups on LinkedIn, created as a place for like-minded professionals to ask questions, find answers and generally discuss anything related to that industry or topic. This offers a unique opportunity to represent your brand by joining the conversation by commenting on posts, starting your own threads, and connecting with professionals. By using your experience and knowledge you can showcase your brand as an authority among peers.
  • Networking – By joining these user groups you are in a prime position to start online networking with like-minded people. Some of these members might end up being leads while others could end up being potential partners in future endeavors or cross promotions. Networking can even lead to referrals if you are willing to do the same for people you connect with.
  • Publish Content – Did you know that you can publish content on your personal page, which can help promote your brand? Original posts help establish authority and create conversations. Google does search this content and it will boost your search rankings. You can even syndicate your blog through your LinkedIn page. However, a word of warning is not to use this platform for direct sales but rather to provide useful information to peers.
  • Connect with Previous Clients and Employees – A great way to obtain customer testimonials and endorsements is via LinkedIn for work completed. This will help build your reputation and brand. It can also be great to connect with current and former employees, fostering good-will by congratulating them on new successes.

The bottom line is that LinkedIn can be a very powerful tool in your toolbox. By using that tool properly LinkedIn can help promote your brand, increase your authority on topics and help you find new leads.




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