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Developing a Top Selling Mobile APP


If you are making a game application then you are definitely on the right track for making a top grossing app; otherwise don’t expect the big bucks to be rolling in.

Yup, even with all of the portable video game players out there people are using

their phones and tablets to play video games in record numbers. As much as the idea of using a phone or tablet for making life simpler might be touted, by the numbers most people are playing games on their phones.

For the most part the Top 20 Grossing Apps for the iPhone and iPad are games. For the phone it is all games all the time in the top five with titles like Rage of Bahamut, CSR Racing, Kingdoms of Camelot, DragonVale, and Slotomania reigning (for the week of July 25th). In fact, Pandora Radio was the only non-game to crack the Top 10.

On the iPad things were a little better with Quickoffice Pro HD, Pages, and Comics all making Top 10 appearances. But none were able to crack the Top 5 which almost duplicated the phone options. The NYTimes and New York Post also managed to crack the Top 25 on the iPad. By the numbers, that is a lot of games being played by iUsers everywhere.

So What Does This Mean?

Regardless of what a phone or tablet can do, video games sell! Let’s be honest, people like excuses to do anything other than work sometimes. Game apps on your phone or tablet are a great way to do that, pass the time on trips, while waiting for your coffee, or even during an elevator ride.

That is why so many more companies are switching gears to go after this vital and revenue producing market. For those who think regardless of rankings that more useful apps will make more money, prepare to get your socks knocked off. A top grossing app might net you as much as $2 to $3 million in its first month!

If you take into consideration how many new iPhones and iPads are being put into circulation it stands to reason that these numbers will only go up in the immediate future. With the iPhone 5 ready to debut soon you would expect more new users joining the consumer fray.

With numbers like that it sure makes you think that every app designer should at least consider developing a game as a side project. It is doubtful the desire for good games will ever decrease while the market seems to be increasing. While I am not a math whiz, even I can see that it makes good sense to target your product on a ripe market like that.

Best Options?

By looking at the top grossing apps there seem to be two common themes; either adventure games or casino style games. It is no secret that the adventure games have always pulled in big audiences. World of Warcraft and Diablo III have proven the staggering numbers in which people will play PC or console games. Those same people are very likely to want a fun way to spend time on their phones as well.

Of course everyone knows how to play poker and other simple casino style games so they have a large audience base as well. It makes sense to target the biggest group you can if you are hoping to land a big piece of that gaming app pie!

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