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Current Trends in Tablet App Development

Apple sold its 100 millionth iPad back in October of 2012. Since then there has been even more of an explosion of tablet sales fueled by dropping prices and a competitive market. What does that mean for the app developer? It means that you had better get off your backside and take advantage of this glut of users who want great apps to fuel their new toys! Talk about a primed market.

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the current trends in app development so you can see where to focus energy to take advantage of that ever growing market.

Top 5 Trends in App Development for Tablets

    1. Responsive Design – It almost feels like a broken record, but the demand for responsive design will just keep increasing as people utilize such a wide array of devices (and screen sizes). You need your app to be suitable for viewing on any kind of device including tablets that are big or small.
    2. Reduce Dependency – People don’t want to be tethered to a PC anymore. Tablets are overtaking laptops as the mobile way to be productive. So apps should focus on that fact and try and reduce dependency on the desktop and allow people to work on the go even if it means not using MS Office or other large programs.
    3. Cloud Connections – Living in the clouds is just the way to be. Cloud storage for sharing data is incredibly useful as people transition between devices. We need to be able to access our Dropbox or Google Drive through whatever app we are using to keep options and productivity high. People want to be able to grab what they need so the app should have that interface option.
  1. Simple Social – Apps should try and incorporate some social sharing aspect. Got a high score in that game? That means an easy connection to Facebook, Twitter, or whatever to make sure people can share (or basically brag) what they are doing.
  2. Get Non-Specific – Why limit yourself to a singular platform? It can be really annoying when an app is only available for an Apple device or Android. The next thing you know someone copies that popular idea and shoves it on the other platform stealing potential business. Instead make native apps using open source code to be compatible with multiple devices.

Back to the Lab

These trends are important to note as you start in the design phase but can even be implemented in current apps to improve them. Other important things to consider are security and great user interface designs. Obviously with more information being kept on a tablet it needs to be as safe as possible. Also the interface needs to be slick and enjoyable because people will be doing so much more on the tablets.

When it comes to trends you need to jump on them quickly and take advantage while you can. Keeping current with what is popular is essential for an ever growing market with so many options. Make sure your app has the type of aspects that people want and expect to help keep them in high demand.

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