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Creative Evolution: Spurring Success By Leveraging Inspiration

History is often built on coincidence and accident. Empire are born from the stumbles, side effects and setbacks that make up everyday life. One such wrong turn came in 1942, as a Eastman Kodak chemist named Dr. Harry Coover searched for a new polymer material that could be used to make clear plastic gun sights for American soldiers.

Coover’s team began experimenting with an acrylic substance, a promising possibility that Kodak dubbed “Eastman 910”. Unfortunately, Eastman 910 proved frustrating and ultimately useless for the project’s needs – while it proved heat resistant and non-porous, it was also extremely sticky. It simply stuck to everything. The formula was filed away for nine years, until Coover’s team reevaluated the Eastman 910 substance for a different job. Realizing that it actually would create a unique chemical adhesive bond, Eastman Kodak saw the failed formula in an entirely different light.

Super Glue was born. And an overlooked, minor product sideline at Eastman Kodak turned into a massive multi-billion dollar industry.

Sometimes astounding successes spring from failure, or from brilliant inspirations that at first go overlooked and ignored. Today, rapidly growing businesses are built to be idea engines, and to not let any of these opportunity flashes go to waste. As Louis Pasteur once said, chance favors a prepared mind – if your business is going to grow and succeed in today’s hypercompetitive economy, you can no longer stay overfocused on a core business. You must diversify into new things and more creative avenues, and avoid staying frozen in place. The will to be bold can take you far – and can prepare you to take advantage of divine accident when it happens.

Lounge Lizard Worldwide is evolving. Traditionally, we have been a dedicated service company, providing high quality web and mobile development services for businesses eager to make the most of their imaginative and creative assets. That model has been good to us – but like every other successful business, we are branching into new vistas. We’re excited about these new initiatives, part of a new Lounge Lizard division dedicated to incubating great inspirations into full grown, high profit digital products and services.

In future issues of Libation, we look forward to sharing these new plans with you, and to show how your business can likewise grow good ideas into profit powerhouses. In August, the first two of these Lounge Lizard projects will be publicly unveiled – and we invite you to see how creative inspiration can put your business ahead of the pack.

ManWall Part men’s magazine, part corner sports bar and all for men, is a social network designed as a user contributable community for the advancement and appreciation of male interests. From money to women, sports to politics, this online social watering hole gives voice to the American male – and dares to say everything today’s man is really thinking. Ready to launch in mid-August, this exciting next generation social networking project is sure to be a Monday morning conversation starter.

Who’s Bugging Me Are you tired of the incessant demand to be social with people who, well, just bug you? Strike back with this amusing viral iPhone app that lets you match up the annoying people in your life with online comical bug cartoons, sure to make people laugh and to get across what you really think of people. Perfect for those people who want to turn social networking on its head with wit and style.

What ideas are you working on?

Building a successful business requires strategy matched with style, imagination met with true vision – and a true bold willingness to grow, rather than to just survive. We all have great ideas, but few are willing to throw their full weight behind them, throwing caution to the wind and pursuing the higher goal of being truly great. To stay ahead in this economy, you need to diversify and evolve by chasing the stars.

Often, the greatest successes spring from simply trying something new – and then recognizing later the real value in the discoveries you make. Strike for gold, and seek opportunity when it comes. Commanding your full bravery and entrepreneurial passions, you won’t regret it.

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