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Creating a Brand Image that Drives Your Website

The launch of the new website for Elephant Butts Handmade Premium Cigars (at is the end result of taking a brand image and creating a lifestyle driven, responsive website. This type of forward-thinking design has been a specialty of Lounge Lizard, and we feel proud to put our name on another unique and visually appealing site that features such organic imagery.

What goes into a project such as this and why is it beneficial to a business?

Elephant Butts is a new line of handmade premium cigars. As a new company they were ready to make a splash in the industry and recognized that having a well-designed website was important along with something that supported their brand image.

Lounge Lizard spearheaded the creation of the products brand image and used a central concept to drive the entire style of the website. What does that mean exactly? When you land on the home page for you can see a central theme and style that goes from the images and background to coloring and layout.

From a design standpoint that means having a central vision that you look to incorporate on every page to ensure the entire site has the same feel to visitors.

What is brand image?

Brand image is the impression in a consumer’s mind about a brand’s personality which is developed based on a combination of using a consistent theme and as a result of the consumers’ direct experience.

In this case the concept for the brand matches the goal of the company, which is to make an affordable, yet high-quality, hand-made cigar. With a mostly male demographic, the images are aimed at that group. Sleek JavaScript transitions make every page load interesting while navigation is straightforward and intuitive.

When do guys smoke cigars? They smoke cigars playing cards, at the bar, at social events and while doing things outdoors. Do they like web pages that are fresh and cool? Yes they do. Are the colors reflective of the market? Yes they are.

Typically when you consider image, people make a decision in a few seconds based on what they see. When arriving at a website the general consensus is a good looking site that has style and a sleek interface will be explored further.

Using a brand image to drive a website

From top to bottom with the design and launch of Elephant Butts, it has been about taking the brand and showing it to the world. As a new company, they are forging a new identity. The website needs to provide a good first impression, something that encapsulates who they are as a company, connect emotionally to the target consumers, provide their message, show continuity throughout, and basically look better than competitors.

When you visit you get a certain “feel” for them which is the goal of a brand image driven website. While you used to go into a brick and mortar store to develop that feel, now a good web designer is able to achieve the same response with a sleek, visually appealing website design. This brand image will help drive the site.

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