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Coding for the Economy

In today’s world-wide economic climate, businesses are looking to cut costs wherever they can. These are the times when the uses of cost-free open source technologies make a huge impression on the bottom line of new web site and web application development.

One such open source project is WordPress. Maintained by a community of developers and licensed under the Free Software Foundation GPL (General Public License), WordPress is a powerful content management system which can be easily extended beyond its main code bas

e. This extensibility and open source license allows companies to leverage this software to create dynamic web sites which can be updated through the WordPress Administration portal. WordPress is one of the core technologies which Lounge Lizard leverages in order to provide companies with eye-catching web site designs and powerful functionality through the development of custom WordPress plug-ins.

To learn more about how WordPress can help your company, feel free to contact one of the Lounge Lizard brand tenders today.

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