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Cloud Seeding: Rainmaking In Today’s New Social Web

It’s happening right now. A seed. A few typed words, quickly dashed away on a mobile phone, broadcast to a small corner of the world via Twitter feed. An idea, an opinion, a simple observation: one voice, sharing a place in the world with other like minded souls on a social media site like Facebook or Linkedin. That one brief thought has sparked a conversation – and then a debate.

Soon, a trend will be born. And someone will make a fortune.

Today’s marketing minds have turned their focus to “the cloud”: the increasingly interdependent online ecosystem, a tapestry of digital communications that now extends well beyond websites and search engines. Social media sites such as Facebook are claiming new ground in online relationship building. Google is busy transforming our work environments into collaborative, globally social experiences. And a new proliferation of diverse Web-enabled mobile devices have users tapping into that cloud of digital information at every available opportunity.

A world of conversation, a landscape of creative collaboration – and the next great opportunity for businesses to influence their markets, capitalize on important trends early and build their brands. So with eyes to the sky, savvy marketers around the globe are discovering ways to seed the cloud and make rain.

At Lounge Lizard Worldwide, we build the online strategies that businesses need to succeed in this opportunity-rich and increasingly sophisticated marketing world. Armed with the right tools and tactics, how can your business call thunder from the digital heavens and become a true sales rainmaker?

Empower Identity. From our everyday interests to how we present ourselves professionally, the quest for identity is one of the fundamental drives in modern life. Marketers have always appreciated the power of identity, of selling products and services based on who people are – as well as who they want to be. With the power of identity comes the ability to motivate, inspire and influence.

Today’s collaborative social Web offers an endless array of opportunities to redefine and enhance how we see ourselves and each other. Give your customers new ways to share and enrich their social identities online and they will reward you for it.

Reach Them Where They Live. Are you limiting your online outreach efforts to your company website? If so, you are only reaching a small segment of your potential market – and not even the most motivated one, at that. An effective cloud-based marketing campaign, on the other hand, pursues customers where they live, on the social media outlets such as Facebook and Linkedin that serve as their online homes.

Directed, motivated prospects are already talking about your industry, products and company. Are you listening to and participating in that conversation, or are you content to wait until public opinion has already been settled? A sound social media outreach strategy can make a world of difference when your best opportunities come looking for you.

Be Found When They Search. Search is still king, and today search ventures far and wide from the traditional keyword-based search engine optimization tactics. With paid search techniques, you can target specific demographics and interests on search engines and social media sites. Content syndication networks and collaborative Web services offer new, sophisticated ways to spread your message. Make search strategy a top priority in your marketing program – and don’t limit yourself to yesterday’s keyword techniques and outdated linking programs.

Use Many Tactics, But One Strategy. Don’t pursue “magic bullet” social media strategies based on a single tool, technique or method. Instead, be aware of every tool at your disposal and take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself. However, a symphony of diverse instruments only produces great music when under the leadership of a single focused conductor who knows the tune. Coordinate a broad and sophisticated array of marketing tactics with a single clear, goal-oriented strategy for achieving success – and recognizing it when it comes.

Start Seeding Now. It is never too early to start an effective online marketing campaign – but it can be too late. Social environments change. Trends pass. Today’s good fortune can become yesterday’s lost opportunity. The sooner you begin pursuing a comprehensive, social media enabled marketing strategy, the sooner you will reap the rewards and start reshaping and revitalizing your markets.

Right now, a single voice somewhere is marking the future of your business. When that voice becomes a conversation, and then a debate, the trend it creates will deliver a wealth of opportunity. By seeding the cloud today, you can make rain tomorrow – and enjoy its comfort when others know only drought.

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