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Circa Las Vegas Casino Website Designers at Lounge Lizard Celebrate Web Launch

The last time a new casino in downtown Las Vegas had a grand opening, Muhammad Ali was stepping into the boxing ring with Larry Holmes at the infamous Caesars Palace. The Lounge Lizard approach to designing and developing the Circa Casino and Resort Website was simple. Combine the best of yesterday’s retro Las Vegas, with the energy of today, and all the possibilities of tomorrow. Why? To create a Website experience that is truly transcendent. The Lounge Lizard design team was inspired by old Vegas tradition but not tied to it so a new golden age of Casino and Resort Web Design could be launched.

The 1.25-million-square-foot casino houses the world’s largest sportsbook and has the longest indoor bar and Fremont Street’s longest outdoor bar. Circa built Stadium Swim, a multi-level, amphitheater-like complex with six pools and two spas. The 3D design team Illustrated these unique attractions and brought them to life on the Circa Website with exciting Interactive graphics and captivating animation. Within the Stadium Swim section of the Website Lounge Lizard developers coded a seat and Lounge Chair booking and reservation system and integrated the resorts hotel booking system for a seamless user experience.
The Casino Website was instrumental in the move to revitalize Fremont street and “Old” Las Vegas so Lounge Lizard brandtenders spearheaded the brand story telling to capture the distinct voice that honors Las Vegas’ past, while redefining its present, and making an indelible mark on its future.

See what all the excitement is about. We bet you’re going to love this Website Design

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