Los Angeles Web Design Companies Biting Nails

Los Angeles Web Design Companies are getting a little nervous. Lounge Lizard unveiled its hip and trendy California office this past week. The office was opened […]

Make your Business Autism Friendly

Lounge Lizard is proud to announce the launch of another successful Website project. This project is especially special to our Founder Ken Braun who has a […]

Interview with Lounge Lizard’s Founder and CEO, Ken Braun

A brief look into the company’s history, as conducted by Brad Szollose. View the entire interview.

Font Freedom

I carry the internet around in my pocket on a device that rivals a calculator in size. I can pull up a map of the nearest […]

The Real Time Web

The Internet has seen a lot of slow evolution over the last 10 years that has changed the way people live and work. In 2009 the […]