Tech Highlights

Top Tech Trends for 2013

Just like that 2012 was here and gone. Can you believe it is already time to usher in a new year? While some people have a […]

Mobile App Developers – React Now

Does anyone want to wait for anything anymore? Heck no they don’t! As the internet continues to speed up it has created a snowball effect with […]

The Benefits of Cloud Computing

One thing Hurricane Sandy provided to the business world was a quick reminder of how important having a proper back-up system is when your ‘bread and […]


Too many acronyms got you down again? Let’s just spell it out real quick. The title should read, “What the heck is Speedy?” Just a note, […]

Domain Name Registration Control

The proposed expansion of online addresses has created a lot of new possibilities for the landscape of the internet. Initially the internet was considered to be […]

Leap Motion Gesture Control Technology

Motion technology is all the rage right now. Video game systems can’t get enough of making things more interactive and virtual. It started with the Wii […]

Amazon CloudFront – Flying in the Clouds

Life in the Amazon CloudFront is starting to really look like the way things will be. No, not the fluffy white vapors up in the sky. […]

Rise of the Gaming Consoles

In the ever changing world of in-home entertainment the Cable industry is being assaulted yet again by competitors. But this time it is not an upstart […]


With new versions of Firefox, Safari, and Opera on the horizon. For starters, IE 8 brings with it many notable bug fixes. The behavior of floated […]

Coding for the Economy

In today’s world-wide economic climate, businesses are looking to cut costs wherever they can. These are the times when the uses of cost-free open source technologies […]