Value On Demand: What Virtual Goods Mean To Your Business

Last fall, Farmer’s Insurance – founded in 1928 to provide low-cost auto insurance to the rural residents of California – announced a new “insurance” program aims […]

Adwords 2011: Strategies Sure To Fire Up Your ROI

First introduced in 2003, Google Adwords opened up the world of pay per click advertising, now a solid staple in the marketing portfolio of countless businesses. […]

The Consumer Journey: Using E-Learning to Create Brand Loyalty

The world of Internet commerce is complex, often unwieldy, littered with stumbling blocks and pitfalls while also seeded with opportunities for success. It is often difficult […]

Tactics and Tools: Building Customer Loyalty While Mining The Social Web

Social media is, without a doubt, the most exciting avenue today in the busy world of online marketing. Participant numbers are roaring into the stratosphere, driving […]

Perfectly Placed: Striking Mobile Marketing Success in 2011

In the classic world of marketing, much emphasis is often placed on the effort to change behavior: to lead away, to point elsewhere, to generate a […]

Managed Feedback: How Social Media Can Turn Criticism To Advantage

Criticism. It’s an issue that sits front and center in any serious discussion of starting a social media campaign. If we open up our company to […]

Capturing The Moment: Strategic Steps For Mobile Marketing

In the quest for customer loyalty and online sales, the tough part has always been timing. True sales opportunities are short lived. Decisions are often made in a flash. The crucial moments are elusive, more often a matter of luck than of strategy, and yet must be mastered to command the markets that depend on them.

Storyteller To Story: The Twilight of Online Brand Loyalty

Especially in tough economic times, the ancient business adage always applies: it is always cheaper, easier and better to keep and develop your current customers than it is to win over new ones. Loyalty, from the power of Caesar in ancient Rome to the psychological pull that drives the sales of major cola brands, is at the heart of how people act and why people stay.

Social Objects: Setting The Cornerstone of Transformative Online Marketing

The only constant is change. In the foundations and elemental structures that give form to today’s online world, the traditional search-based infrastructure of the Web – little changed since 1995 – is now giving way to a new paradigm of social collaboration and referral. Rather than links or listings, the new coin of the realm is social behavior: what people do, why they do it, and most importantly, what they inspire others to do.

Cloud Seeding: Rainmaking In Today’s New Social Web

It’s happening right now. A seed. A few typed words, quickly dashed away on a mobile phone, broadcast to a small corner of the world via Twitter feed. An idea, an opinion, a simple observation: one voice, sharing a place in the world with other like minded souls on a social media site like Facebook or Linkedin. That one brief thought has sparked a conversation – and then a debate.