9 Web Design Trends You Need on Your Website in 2022

Web design is always evolving. What design trends will we see in 2022? In its purest form, design is a plan or outline that defines what […]

Top 10 Best Financial Website Designs in 2021

The best financial website designs use an intuitive flow coupled with a stellar UI/UX experience to capture site visitors’ business. Digital payments rose to $6.6 trillion […]

What is Enterprise Website Development?

Developing an enterprise-level website should be brand-forward, focused on strategic outcomes, and supported by key stakeholders within your organization. As an online touchpoint, your enterprise website […]

Survey Results: What Digital Efforts Are Companies Investing In

  Details: Lounge Lizard Worldwide, a website development company and digital marketing agency, surveyed 300+ clients in the $1,500-15,000 total website budget range to determine common […]

4 Key Factors that Affect your Website User Experience

We have become a world that values the user experience. No matter the interaction, people have become enamored with classifying it based on how it made […]

Key Factors that Affect Website User Experience

Understanding the Difference Between Responsive and Adaptive Web Design

Is your business website adaptive? Or is it responsive? Between the two, which is the more effective design style for your business needs? This is a […]

BlogPost The Difference between Responsive and Adaptive Web Design 512by408

Reinventing your 404 Pages can make your site Legendary

One of the most common errors a website can experience is a 404 Error or a digital version of return-to-sender. When an invalid address is entered […]


8 Biggest Graphic Design Trends that will Dominate 2019

Graphic Design trends are a vital part of the web design and development industry. As most businesses utilize a website to promote their business along with […]

Brick Wall (Social Media)

Top UI and UX Trends for 2019

The new year often means new ideas, analyzing existing strategy and goals, along with looking at the direction industries are headed to better anticipate how that […]

Top UI and UX Trends for 2019 (Social Media)

Web Design Mistakes to Avoid in 2019

A well-designed website that is functional and user-friendly plays a big role in most businesses’ operations. It can help generate traffic, create leads and conversions, increase […]

Web Design Mistakes to Avoid in 2019 (Social Media)

Design meets Tech – The Art of Digital Marketing

The term digital marketing is defined as the marketing of products or services using digital technologies. While this takes place primarily on the internet, including mobile […]

Top 5 Worst Website Designs of 2018

Your website is the first impression many customers will have of your business, so it makes sense that you want to put your best foot forward. […]

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