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Capturing The Moment: Strategic Steps For Mobile Marketing

In the quest for customer loyalty and online sales, the tough part has always been timing. True sales opportunities are short lived. Decisions are often made in a flash. The crucial moments are elusive, more often a matter of luck than of strategy, and yet must be mastered to command the markets that depend on them.

Mobile marketing offers finally an opportunity to turn the power of the moment into a practical goal for strategic excellence. With a dizzying new cascade of unique mobile devices, today’s consumers are busy creating new moments – and inviting you to participate in them.

Is your mobile media strategy designed to truly capitalize on the fleeting crossroads of now? We at Lounge Lizard Worldwide recommend beginning your mobile marketing efforts with the following strategic principles.

Craft Immediacy. The explosion in mobile media has been fueled by the flame of personality, by the persistent drive of smart consumers to define themselves, build relationships and each become the spearheads of personal revolutions. As a mobile marketer, your challenge is to weave a message that seamlessly flows within that heroic narrative. Your story must be vivid, powerful, energetic and immediate. Your strategy must aim at creatively inspiring a new and compelling moment.

With mobile marketing, you have the chance to get closer to the consumer than ever before possible – even, in some cases, closer than an in-person meeting. With geolocation technologies, you can follow them home, to work, to the store and to class. You can be there in the dead of night, at the break of day, and at the precise moment to influence an important decision. Summon the power of now.

Think Beyond the Headlines and Hot Trends. By the time everyone hears about the fortunes to be made in a hot new trend, the big money has often already been made, leaving everyone else to fighting over the remaining scraps. Rather than focusing on supporting a single hot mobile device, be prepared for the onslaught of new technologies preparing to flood tomorrow’s mobile market.

Today, smartphones such as the iPhone and Android are just starting to reach market ubiquity. Smartpads from Apple, HP, Dell and Toshiba are poised to dominate technology headlines in 2011. Mobile device designers are today busy inventing new concepts for portable devices that will endlessly blur the lines between desktop, laptop, pocket device and wearables – a limitless array of options for customers to draw on their online experience within every conceivable life context.

As traditional brand loyalty continues to fade in relevance online, building evidence leads us to an exciting conclusion: that consumer focus is shifting from authority-based value to a model based on reliable and immediate access. Our loyalty has shifted from the storyteller to the story. And to our ability to share the story with others.

Think beyond the iPhone. Be prepared for anything and everything – because that’s exactly what is coming.

Embrace Strategic Minimalism. Mobile media is an information overload environment, summoning countless new channels of sensory and intellectual input at ever faster and faster command. Meanwhile, this information is becoming more personalized, localized and distributed. To succeed in mobile marketing, the simplest version of the idea is the one that wins: the most direct, the least confusing, and the most relevant to the needs of the individual customer.

Adopt strategic minimalism in your mobile program. Optimize your website for mobile devices. Streamline your content. Make your messages more direct. Rather than adding to the information noise of overwhelmed mobile users, find ways to make all that input more manageable.

Augment, Don’t Reinvent. A major mistake made by businesses when they embark on a mobile marketing campaign is chasing the dream of reinvention – treating mobile strategy as something apart from their other advertising and marketing programs, often handled by an entirely separate division. Rather than leading to successes, these “reinvented” marketing tactics only end up fragmenting competitive advantages, confusing customers and missing important opportunities.

Instead, your mobile marketing efforts should be integrated into every aspect of your business, subtly augmenting the communication strategies you already have in place. The more organically that you can incorporate mobile strategy into your preexisting customer behavior patterns, the more effective the programs will be.

At the heart of mobile media is a powerful new truth: today’s consumer controls the process, and is using their personalized mobile innovations to craft their experiences into more pleasing forms. By tapping into their drive towards better, more meaningful everyday moments, you can reap endless rewards – and secure a commanding role in tomorrow’s major new digital marketing revolutions.

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