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Can You Make Your App A Success Before It Launches?

Imagine that you are enjoying a nice barbecue with friends on a Saturday afternoon and suddenly the perfect mobile app idea pops into your head, but can you make your app a success before it launches? For some people that have developed an idea or two into actual apps, the success they were hoping for never materialized.

As natural as this occurrence is, it is also very frustrating to spend that much time and energy on what you thought was a home run and instead you ended up lining out to the shortstop.

So, rather than doing what you did on previous attempts, or if you are new to creating and launching an app, we have some excellent tips on how to position yourself for greater success with your app before it launches.

Do you have the right designers and developers?

The first thing you need to concern yourself with are the people you will be using for design and development. Are you using the right team?

For people who are not designing and developing their own project, selecting the right team of experienced, qualified professionals is a critical component of your success. After all, a great idea alone is not enough if the execution falls completely flat.

You want a D&D team that fits your needs, understands your vision and goals and has the experience with a proven track record for success. While up and coming firms might seem attractive, great ideas only come along every so often and should be coupled with a great firm to help turn that vision into reality.

Top 6 Tips for Pre-Launch Mobile APP Success

These are all things that should be considered before the first lines of code are even written. Why you ask? In a nutshell these are things any good business plan would include and as your app idea is basically a small business venture, it makes sense to treat it like one. Because of the ranking algorithms app stores use, you need your product to come charging out of the gate to rank higher and then to keep the momentum rolling.

  • Branding – Branding is a key step to any business venture and for apps it is extremely critical. Your style and logo need to be carefully selected as the emblem you use will be displayed in the app stores, in news stories, reviews and more. You want something recognizable and memorable that also encompasses what your app is about. Beyond that, you need to consider how you want to brand your product as that is an important aspect designers need to be aware of.
  • Pitch – How you plan to pitch your product is part of sales. While many people don’t think about sales until after an app is completed, that is a big mistake. What is the point of creating a product if you don’t know how you are going to sell it? Take the time to hone multiple sales pitches that touch on selling points and target different audiences and situations such as copy for the app store or press releases. Why will people need this?
  • Blog – Creating a tech blog for you app can help generate buzz in the early stages. You can start with basic ideas and then update with previews, videos and sales related posts as the project progresses. Promote the blog relentlessly and use proper SEO to get the word out in the world about the hottest new product that will soon be in stores.
  • Research – Are there similar products on the market? If so how are those competitors marketing themselves? When is the best time to launch an app for your target audience? What is the best platform for your target audience? What is the best revenue model based on your product and audience? These are all important questions to your success that need to be answered, not with guesses, but with answers based on solid research if you want to flourish.
  • Beta Testing – One good way to generate interest and buzz is to open up your app to limited beta testing. Not only is beta testing a fantastic way for user feedback and a better initial launch, but often when done properly you create positive buzz from word of mouth. Using the blog idea from above, you can post about beta testing possibilities and use the blog as a platform to discuss how beta users are providing ideas to help better the product. This concept adds a ‘pride of ownership’ concept that makes beta testers more likely to promote the app as well.
  • Press Releases – Last but not least, press releases should be crafted prior to launch and sent to various media outlets including tech blogs and app review sites. While this step is listed last, this task should be started during the design phase as you need to find places to send the release and foster contacts ahead of time to make sure that your release will be posted on or before the actual release date, thus helping increase the buzz.

The bottom line is that you can make your app a success before it launches as long as you are willing to take the time and invest the effort required in the early stages of the game.


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