California Web Design Firm

Lounge Lizard is a California web design firm that can transform your existing web presence or create a unique website that showcases who you are to the world.

Already a well-known design company on the East Coast, Lounge Lizard is now also a California web design firm that can help take your company to the next level. Our brilliant team of professional web designers and web application developers are ready to use their experience and tremendous skills to create a stunning web presence for your business.

Our California web design firm has a number of web-based services we can provide a client including advanced application development, brand formulation, web design, and so much more. Let our knowledge and skill in design and functionality work for you.

Unique web design with customized branding has always been our trademark. We look to make your website stand out in a crowd with stylish web designs, custom Flash animation, and functional e-commerce solutions. Our California web design firm can also help clients understand more about their company and existing competition through branding and discovery workshops. This helps to focus the purpose or goal of your web presence. Understanding how clients are viewed by both their local and global audience helps create a targeted and powerful identify on the web that speaks to their client base which in turn helps accomplish goals and conquer a target market.

Lounge Lizard specializes in strategic information architecture along with utilizing SEO and SEM tools to provide maximum advantages to our clients’ business needs on the internet. The proper creation of a web-page that captivates interest and draws attention involves a keen understanding of current trends and technology along with the knowledge of the best methods to incorporate them with style and ingenuity. Custom site maps with polished wireframes combine with customized Flash and Java animation for the website. Our California web design firm also provides online marketing services, content management systems, and can implement customized e-commerce solutions to help push our clients’ to the forefront.

Mobile application development is an essential step that many businesses in California and around the world are ready to take. Customers are utilizing smart phones, tablets, and other mobile options to access the web in ever increasing numbers. A company should be available to a customer on whichever platform is needed. Lounge Lizard’s California web design firm develops applications and web-sites that can be utilized on multiple platforms to meet clients’ needs. It can also be essential for a company to have a well-implemented e-commerce infrastructure that meets its specific requirements.

Aesthetically pleasing web designs that are distinctive is one of our primary goals and we take great pride in the pages we create for clients. It is our California web design firm’s top priority to provide exposure to clients in their target market. Along with a distinctive website, we use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to increase a company’s visibility and increase its standing compared to competitors in today’s challenging market.

Our company has a decade’s worth of imagination and knowledge that can help to elevate a customer’s business prospects both locally and globally. Lounge Lizard is the web design company that your business needs to stand out from the crowd.