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7 Marketing Tips for Better Ecommerce in 2020

The battleground for Ecommerce intensified in 2019, and it won’t slow down a bit as we enter 2020. That is why making improvements and adjustments in strategy are so important at the beginning of the year. As a top digital marketing firm, we have compiled 7 Marketing Tips for Better Ecommerce in 2020. These tips can help any business regardless if you are competing with a local store down the block or the behemoth retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

7 Marketing Tips for Better Ecommerce

  • Focus on Voice Search – Voice search keeps trending up in use as voice-operated devices continue to increase in popularity. This means more buyers are going to be searching for products via voice, which makes it a vital focus for 2020. Both content and SEO should include voice search strategies. Long-tail keywords are especially important to connect with searchers.
  • Maximize Site Speed – Almost every year we include this tip. It is a simple fact; as the internet and our connection to it become faster, the higher level of expectations customers then have for online transaction speeds. Website loading speed directly affects both page ranking and customer satisfaction. Site analysis optimization for maximum speed is something that should be done quarterly to ensure your site is always running at its best.
  • Video Content Should Be Primary – Video has become the top dog when it comes to content. Videos are so versatile and easily digestible with almost all demographics regularly engaging with video content more than any other type. Instructions, FAQs, tips and tricks, product information, and the like are all fantastic ways to convey information and increase the on-page time. Make sure to use a YouTube channel to increase organic search results for things like product information and demonstrations.
  • Utilize Google Shopping Ads – The Google Shopping ad platform has become essential to staying competitive in many e-commerce niches. The majority of internet users are using Google for searching the internet. By including your company, you will appear in products related to those searches, which provides a direct link to your site. Using this level of a targeted ad has proven to be one of the most cost-effective ways of increasing sales. Shoppers see the product and price upfront so the people who click are much more likely to convert.
  • Use Personalize Email Marketing – Email marketing is still a very viable option and its ROI greatly increases when you add in personalization. To be perfectly honest, personalization of email is almost a must nowadays. Too much clutter and noise exist in cyberspace and personalization can cut right through it like a hot knife through butter. Things like product recommendations, coupons or discounts, targeted promotions, and follow-up emails are all ripe for personalization to improve your connection with a customer.
  • Hire Influencers – For anyone looking to sell products to younger generations, utilizing influencer marketing should be on your radar. Trust is hard to come by with both Millennials and Gen Z. Influencers come with an existing audience and a degree of trust with that audience in place which makes for more effective product recommendations. They offer a combination of a review and testimonial from a known quantity which carries much more weight than a conventional ad.
  • Make Ecommerce Social – Social media has been growing as an effective sales channel, so much that businesses should not ignore it in 2020. Apparel and the health/beauty markets have thrived on social platforms. Other niches should jump on board as well because the way forward has been paved and now more and more platforms and tools are embracing it. With the combination of automation and analytics, it can be relatively easy to connect social platforms to existing stores or simply sell through the platform itself.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that each year it becomes harder to stand out in a crowded marketplace. These 7 Marketing Tips for Better Ecommerce in 2020 are all great ways to stay viable against the competition. As always, take the time to test each strategy to find out what works best for your audience before full-scale implementation.


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