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Birthdays Will Be Better Than Ever With The New HBD App

With the release of their newest creation, HBD, the mobile Happy Birthday app, Lounge Lizard has done it again. Joining the stable of other successful apps that they have created, HBD will make sure you never forget another birthday!

The initial idea for the app came from the people at Happy Birthday Digital LLC. Along with the coding, design, and technical aspects that were provided, according to Lounge Lizard CEO Ken Braun they also played a large role in vetting the concept and making the idea better from front to back with all of the features available.

Birthdays are meant to be shared,” is the inspiration for this app which is designed for people to use in the creation and sharing of personalized video recordings. For those recordings there are a variety of options such as splicing for the perfect video montage, custom filters, fonts and more. There is also an integrated calendar that provides reminders for birthdays to ensure that you never forget and have time to use HBD to craft the perfect, personalized gift.

Of course gifts are meant to be shared as well so you can instantly share videos on other social networks or send it privately for a more intimate message. You can even craft a wish list for yourself so when your birthday rolls around friends and family that use the app can easily see what you want on your special day and vice-versa!

“It is always exciting to work with a company that has passion,” said Braun. The people at Happy Birthday Digital LLC had a great idea for a fun, exciting and different type of app and we are very happy that we have been able to flush out that initial idea and create the type of app they had envisioned.”

Since 1998, Lounge Lizard Worldwide has been more than just a web design company. They are an award-winning web development, app development, and design company that utilizes marketing and branding with creativity to provide technology-focused, customized solutions for clients that achieve results. With decades of experience behind them, Lounge Lizard provides a powerful, innovate and creative approach to every project such as the recently completed HBD app.

Along with being perfect for birthday shout-outs and well wishes, it is an excellent way to commemorate the occasion itself and share that fun video with friends and family.

HBD by Happy Birthday Digital LLC is free to download and is available in the iTunes store under the Social Networking category. The app is optimized for the iPhone 5, requires iOS 7.0 or later and is compatible with the iPad and iPod touch and will be available on Android soon.

Make sure to check out the new HBD App and you will never be caught flatfooted on a friend or family member’s birthday again!

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