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Best WordPress Plugins for Website Development

WordPress has grown into a fairly popular content management and publishing platform. It is easy to use, has great features and is easy to get up and running. Businesses from large to small are utilizing it for their needs because with the open source community it can easily be tweaked for projects, a variety of commercial website needs, or even an individual’s personal needs.

Of course this combination of use and open source has lead to a demand for not only high quality, premium themes, but also a wider array of WordPress plugins to make their particular site run better than the rest.

Because of the open source-free platform, quite a few developers have jumped into the pool to develop plugins for only a small fee. There are also quite a few great free plugins, but as expected the level of support you get with them can be hit or miss based on the developer’s free time and desire.

So with all those great WordPress plugins out there, how do you pick the ones you want to use? Well you could spend countless hours researching and trying them out, or you can check out our Top 10 List and go from there.

Fair warning…it is easy to get hooked on good plugins because they make the daily use of your WordPress site so much better. Many of these plugins are available on

Top 10 WordPress Plugins

    1. UberMenu Top Megamenu – This is a highly customizable menu option with drop-down capabilities that works with WordPress 3 Menu Management. It is simple yet very powerful.
    2. Quform – WordPress Form Builder – For those who can’t code or just don’t want to but still want to use forms, this is the plugin for you. It is point-and-click building to create complex or simple forms for whatever you need.
    3. WordPress Live Chat Plugin for Sales and Support – This beauty does exactly what the name implies, provides a way to chat with customers without paying for a service using operators and chat logs.
    4. Ninja Popups for WordPress – Honestly I’m not big on pop-ups, but if you are going to do it, do it right. The professional design can help convert visitors into taking action which is what you want to have happen on your site, right?
    5. Interactive World Maps – If you have a site that needs more than just local then you need this fully customizable map creator that allows colored markers, countries or regions.
    6. Global Gallery – This is a WordPress responsive gallery that allows you to take charge of your picture layouts.
    7. WordPress Social Share Buttons – Social Media connections are a must on your site. This plugin allows a quick add via jQuery which helps keep load times fast.
    8. Security Ninja – This is a top WordPress plugin because security is important. It combines years of best practices into one plugin that will analyze your site for weakness.
    9. HTML5 Video Player – This video player has multiple skins and controls that work even in full screen mode. If you are using videos on your site then this is the plugin to use.
    10. WP-Optimize – This is absolutely essential if you don’t manually manage your database or run your own optimization scripts. Plus you can rename users including the default admin user.
  1. Broken Link Checker – Yes this is #11 on a Top 10 list but everyone should be running a broken link checker rather than waiting for readers to report them. Stay ahead of the game with your site so readers know that you are all over it.
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