best app development companies


The best app development companies consistently follow the best practices. Of course, if you don’t know much about app development and are looking to hire a developer how do you know what those practices are so you can make sure they use them?

Here are some of the basics when it comes to best practices for app development:

  • Make a quality app – There are existing guidelines provided by Apple and Android called Core App Quality that all developers should follow. Additionally apps should be available on both phones and tablets regardless of screen sizes.
  • Test the app – Test and optimize the app at each stage following either the Google Play beta-testing guidelines or the Apple Store testing guidelines.
  • Build buzz – Create an app listing page, a YouTube video that explains the app, and promote the app in the store it launches with. Add a social forum and social media pages to interact with users and get them talking.
  • Listen – Listen to users and then update the app from their feedback to fully optimize your product and increase ratings.
  • Retain users – Offer contests and promotions, respond to reviews, review in-app use for better updates and maximize the lifespan of the app.

Interestingly enough, some of the app development companies out there either don’t do these things themselves or don’t inform clients about them to allow a client the opportunity to utilize these tools. Beyond just creating a product, it takes work to launch it, update it and push it further than the initial launch; things which should be desirable to you when consider launching an app.

So when you are choosing between the best app development companies for your next project, ask them how they plan on building buzz or if they have plans on retaining users, before you make your final decision.