best app developer

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Finding the best app developer for your needs is much more important than saving a few hundred or even thousand dollars when building your app. The right partner is more than just a good price; they are going to add value that goes beyond basic development which in turn will help increase revenues for your app.

So what do you look for?

  • You want someone interested in your business and not just developing any app. A good development company should provide creative input along with developing an app and understand what will and will not be useful to you based on your business and goals.
  • You want a developer with a portfolio that includes beautiful apps and those with great user interfaces. How a user interacts with an application is one of the most important factors to its success.
  • A developer should readily provide you their portfolio with client contact information. They understand that direct reviews and feedback are important, and aren’t afraid of what clients will say about them.
  • You should look for someone you can build a relationship with. Making an app takes time and you might want new versions down the road or spin-off-products. Look for someone who wants to be there for the life of the app and isn’t planning on being done as soon as the app is.
  • Consider price secondarily. That is not to say price is important, because it is, but it should not be a primary factor because you want a great product, not the cheapest product.
  • Look at the entire package. A great app isn’t just coding, it is also appearance and interface. You need a developer that does all of these things in-house rather than outsourcing which can create havoc with overall design, usability and testing.

The best app developer is going to be a good partner during the journey of app creation that has the qualities you need for a successful project, not just a low hourly rate.