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Bad Tweeter! To the Twitter Doghouse you go!

Does the title of this entry make no sense to you? That is probably because you haven’t heard about this golden new application called ‘Twitter Doghouse’.

Finally someone has made a really useful application to help filter your Twitter account whe

n things get to be too much. If you follow a lot of people I am sure you have had this problem. A few of your friends or people you follow decide to go on massive Twitter benders with way too many tweets about where they are, who they are with, and what type of appetizer they chose to pair with drinks at dinner.

Boom! Your phone basically overloads and your battery gets drained from all the activity. Turning off your phone isn’t an option but now you can say hello to the doghouse. This nifty app lets you put a person in the doghouse for a minute or longer (days, weeks, months) by simply filling out a simple form.

The nice thing is you don’t have to notify them that suddenly their feed is not going to you. Sure, they could check if they felt like looking through the entire list of followers to look but other than people who have 4 followers, who does that?

The application was also made as a way to subtlety let people know when they are being annoying, which to me seems like a bit of a problem. Along with just giving them the silent treatment for a while you can also send them a tweet letting them know (and everyone else) that you slapped them in the doghouse.

While at first this might seem appealing as a way to publically frown upon what people are saying, it also seems a bit childish and opens the door for similar childish re-actions. In an ideal world where people use social media responsibly you would hope that if some semi-celeb made a dumb tweet that was offensive having 2000 followers suddenly sending him the doghouse would curb their horrible behavior; but we all know that it won’t.

It is like having the ability to filter people on Facebook. When those people find out why you did what you did their little ego’s get bruised. But that is not to say that filters aren’t a good thing because they are. Applications like the doghouse are absolutely a must have in our ever changing social interactions. We want to follow people and be followed. Everyone likes attention (for the most part) but after awhile it gets to be too much information.

If we don’t have simple ways to tune people out or tone down what comes across our feed eventually we either spend all of our time on these media platforms or we just stop using it because it is so consuming; ideally you want to be somewhere in the middle.

Social media should be useful and fun, not annoying and difficult. So if you haven’t already, make sure to check out the doghouse and see if it can help alleviate some of your Twitter overload. If you are a developer you might even see if you can improve upon this idea for Twitter or even for Facebook mobile; there is a need for it.

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