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Avoid These Mobile App Stumbling Blocks If You Want Success

Most people are aware of some of the building blocks of a good app such as a good idea and superior design, but what about the stumbling blocks that can trip up an excellent idea and result in a project gone wrong? Sadly this has become fairly common in the app design world where the level of competition and expectation are both very high which creates a tough environment in which to excel.

That is why today we wanted to share the mobile app stumbling blocks you need to avoid if you want success. As an experienced app design company we have learned over the years the problems and pitfalls that can easily derail even the best idea.

Common Stumbling Blocks

  • Great Expectations – Great Expectations was an excellent book by Charles Dickens and also is a common stumbling block for those new to the app game. People often think, incorrectly, that their app is the most amazing thing since sliced bread and it is worth millions of dollars. The problem with these great expectations is that they are unrealistic and when you start with them, even a moderate success is a disappointment. Creating a behemoth that rocks the app world takes a lot of things including a bit of luck so start with a much more reasonable expectations and then work hard to surpass them.
  • Lack of a Business Plan – A good idea is just that; an idea. That idea still needs to be turned into something more which is where the business plan comes in. This plan should cover everything from a marketing plan, user acquisition strategy, demographic of target users and understanding what need your product will meet that makes it sellable. Just like any other business venture from launching a pizza joint to opening a clothing store you should have a solid plan that is written down and well thought out.
  • Not having a Sticky Idea – Sticky ideas are paramount to success, much more so than good ideas. By sticky we mean something that people will want or need to use daily or weekly. Truly successful apps are those with high retention rates. There are plenty of great apps out there that simply don’t retain users because they lack some form of stickiness.
  • Lack of Product Focus – People often try and do too much with their first app. In the business we call this a lack of product focus. You want your app to do one thing and do it very well. Realistically you need to build a product based around one clear problem that you are solving so that you have a clear value proposition. Secondary functions and ideas should be saved for the updates after you have hooked your users on the basic focus.
  • Partner Selection – Finding the right app developer is sort of like finding the right dance partner; you want someone that has good moves that you trust and fit well with. That means working towards the same goal, having the right level of experience and skills to create what you want, and a track record of working on similar projects as yours successfully. Take your time with the selection process to ensure you aren’t getting your feet stepped on all night.
  • Not performing Platform Research – Android and iOS are the big platforms you will target but they each have their own quirks you need to be aware before starting a project. There are different costs involved, some apps perform better on one platform versus the other, and there are specific nuances in both the Apple Store and Google Play you need to be aware of. On top of that, platform experience is critical for whoever is designing the app so your app isn’t rejected. Take the time to do your research or work with a partner that can help direct you to the right platform for the initial launch.
  • Lack of a Rollout Plan – A good rollout plan is a key to your apps success. The plan should be part of your initial business plan and should be worked on in conjunction with app development if you want it to be effective. After all, if your audience doesn’t know about your great product how can you expect them to download it? Check out our three part series on a winning Mobile App Strategy for more specific details.

The bottom line is that building successful apps is not easy. There is a lot that goes into taking a great idea and translating that into a money making app. So to start, avoid these mobile app stumbling blocks if you want a better chance at success.

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