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Your Website should always be growing

In many ways you have to look at your business website as prize winning roses or even a small child. The website, much like those roses, […]

Why SEO is a Legitimate Discipline

Why is it that some people still don’t recognize SEO as a legitimate thing? It’s not just a bunch of people sitting in a room trying […]

The Top 10 Responsive Web Sites

Responsive web design is a hot trend right now. Many people are familiar with the concept or have at least heard of it; the idea of […]

Predicting the Search Market Trends

The ability to peer into a crystal ball and see the future would be very valuable. Wouldn’t it be nice to know what to expect in […]

Myth Busters about Mobile SEO

Myths are an interesting thing. They develop over time as people convincingly repeat the same story over and over until they are accepted like gospel. Of […]

Which OS Should You Develop for in 2013?

With the recent earnings reports from Apple and Samsung now out in the open, one thing has become fairly clear. There is a lot more competition […]

How to create Buzz on the Internet

Some days it seems like everyone but you is getting noticed on the internet, and usually for seemingly all the wrong reasons. The strangest things get […]

A Look inside Corporate Internet Browser Preferences

The idea of a standardized browser is not a new one. For quite a while Microsoft Explorer had a stranglehold on internet browsing in the work […]

How colors in Web Design affect your Websites message.

What kind of message is your website conveying? If you haven’t properly considered your color choices in the Web design phase, you could be portraying the […]

Marketing for the New Year

The New Year is like a breath of fresh air. People make resolutions and goals for what this special, new time will bring. While the only […]