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Defining “Quality Content” for today’s internet

What do people mean when they say, “You need quality content” for your business? Is there a difference between regular content, quality content and high quality […]

Lounge Lizard takes Gold at W3 Awards

It was announced that Lounge Lizard has taken home the gold at the 9th Annual W3 Awards for 2014. Lounge Lizard won for their exceptional work […]

How to Create a Successful Customer-Facing Mobile App

Customer-facing mobile apps are quickly becoming a great way for a business to connect and communicate with customers. The idea is to create an app that […]

5 Tips to Increase Social Media Interaction

Social media offers a unique opportunity for a business to broaden brand exposure which is why understanding how to go about social media interaction properly is […]

Tips for Running a Social Media Contest

Can you name a way to increase a list of email subscribers, drum up enthusiasm for your business, spread information and create more brand awareness all […]

Is a completely secure email inbox possible?

Who wouldn’t want to have a completely secure email inbox? If Yahoo and Google join forces on this concept, completely secure email could soon become a […]

Blue Island Oyster Company Selects Lounge Lizard as Social Media Agency of Record

8/13/2014 Blue Island Oyster Company Selects Lounge Lizard as Social Media Agency of Record. Lounge Lizard will broaden the company’s social media presence and social followers […]

Mobile App Developers Lounge Lizard Combating Childhood Obesity with the Launch of SpidFit

Lounge Lizard is pleased to announce the launch of Spidfit Walknation the mobile APP that gets kids off the coach and walking outside. The SpidFit Walknation […]

Web Design Trends for 2015

With the year more than half done many people are turning their eyes towards 2015 and we are no different which is why we are already […]

Why should you be using an Android Launcher?

Are you getting the most out of your smart phone? That is a great question and for those people who use an Android-based phone the answer […]