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Asking For Reviews Isn’t As Hard As You Think

Getting reviews for your business is crucial for everything from a new app to consumer goods or even for the services you provide. Reviews provide credibility and also offer insights to potential customers in a world that is relying more and more on friends and the public’s opinion on what they should buy or use. Our experience as a mobile app developer has taught us that asking for reviews isn’t as hard as you think, and we are happy to share with you why.

Reviews? I don’t need no stinking reviews!

Actually if you plan on selling anything from goods to services, in today’s word you need reviews and ideally good ones.

Recent surveys have shown that over 85% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Really, who isn’t guilty of following a review to make a decision? Yelp’s popularity is based almost entirely on the ability to quickly provide a snapshot of rated reviews for things like food and services in your immediate location.

Reviews can take the guesswork out of establishing a new relationship or taking the plunge on a product. Heck, Google can even index your on-site reviews if they are formatted properly which can lead to more relevance in searches. Google’s algorithm also includes searching primary rating sites like Yelp for data. That means the more reviews you have, especially positive ones, will play into better rankings.

Overall, having more reviews tends to lead to more conversion because people can make more informed decisions about your products or services, even if some of those reviews are negative. Remember, bad reviews make your business seem normal as nothing ever gets 100% satisfaction these days.

So how can I easily get reviews?

Now that we have established some of the important aspects of having reviews, naturally you need to know how to get them. The simplest way is to just ask.

  • Use Email – Often you have developed a contact list of people that includes emails. Using this mailing list to politely ask for reviews is something people tend to overlook. Make sure your email is optimized for mobile and allow them to easily trigger the review process from any device so the process is as easy as possible.
  • Use Social Media – Similar to email, many people utilize social media as customer contact points and track customers by social accounts. This can be a nice way to reach out to them and ask for a review.

For either of these methods you want to employ a few simple tactics:

  • Keep Subject Line’s Simple – Short and to the point should be the goal. Something like, “How many stars did your latest purchase get?” or “What did you think of….”
  • Offer a Thank You – Always thank people for their business and include a small token of appreciation after completing the review. Remember, they are doing something extra for you so there is nothing wrong with offering an incentive for them!
  • Group Items in One Contact – If a customer has bought 5 items and not reviewed any, reach out once for all 5 items rather than spamming them with multiple requests. Nobody likes multiple emails as it appears pushy.

The bottom line is that reviews serve a valuable purpose both to consumers and business owners. Making sure your customers are regularly providing reviews not only increases confidence in your brand and products but it can also drive conversions; plus asking for reviews isn’t as hard as you think!

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