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Are You Still Not Using Social Media For Your Business?

Using social media is important for any business, big or small. However we still run across plenty of new small and medium sized companies that aren’t utilizing this form of marketing. As a top web development company this has us confounded. Why are you still not using social media for your business?

There has to be a good reason, right? If so, does that reason outweigh the benefits of using social media for your business? That is a good topic of discussion and one we are going to tackle today.

Why people dismiss Social Media

The common reasons for not using social media are:

  • Ignorance – This is fairly common where a business owner has no experience or interest in this area and is too busy to take the time to figure it out for themselves so it tends to stay on the shelf as an idea for the future.
  • Lack of Knowledge – By this we mean someone who thinks they know what they are doing but they truly suffer from a lack of knowledge. They end up doing things wrong and often make things worse or simply don’t see the benefit and then write off social media as a waste of time.
  • Laziness – This can also be tied to being overworked as many small and medium business owners work more than full time on their business.

It is interesting that social media still gets dismissed when you consider that almost half the world’s population has internet access and there are over two billion active social media users around the world. So basically, most of your potential customers are using social media.

Why a business fails

The average consensus is that about fifty percent of new businesses fail in the first year when you consider all types of businesses in all industries. That means any new venture is a coin-flip to last longer than 12 months.

Common reasons for failure have to do with customer acquisition, poor accounting, lack of management skills, operational inefficiencies or lack of plan. Social media can’t help with most of those items, but it can help with customer acquisition. Let’s be honest, even if you are an ace at everything else without enough customers your business won’t be able to turn a profit.

Given how useful social media is, even when used on a basic level, why are you still not using it?

Case comparison

We looked at two small businesses. They were both brick-and-mortar operations that opened about the same time about 60 days ago.

Business A has an owner that while not being an expert in social media, understands the power that it has. He assigned the responsibility of setting up and managing various accounts to his manager as the business prepared to open.

Business B has an owner that is not an expert in social media and doesn’t see how it will help her business. She did not want to set up any accounts.

When you search online for Business A using its name Google returns in this order: their website, their Facebook account, their Instagram account, a Yellow pages listing, their Twitter account and then Yelp.

When you search online for Business B using its name Google returns in this order: 4 other non-related sites, their Yellow pages listing, their website, two other non-related sites and then Yelp.

Business A easily and quickly announces events, changes to what they sell and more. They have a small following on social media (2500 between 3 accounts) which is quickly growing as their business grows along with enough customers to meet their initial business plan. When you search for the business, Google and other search engines provide better results on a local level because of the activity on the social media sites which keep the business relevant and regularly talked about.

Business B receives no such perks and quite honestly is not doing well at all obtaining regular clients. This is a shame because they are a unique item retailer that could easily utilize Facebook and Instagram to showcase their business to the local market and help acquire new customers and increase online discussions about them.

The bottom line

The bottom line is that social media has become part of our culture and also our business world. It is not that complex to use and most people have a friend or colleague that could give them a crash course in basic usage. With YouTube or a book from the library someone could spend a weekend learning how to use a few social media accounts.

Or you can also look at hiring someone to help get you started, something many smart, but ignorant about social media, business owners do. With all the benefits you can get from social media, there is really no good reason as to why you still are not using social media for your business.

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